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A Fantastic start to May!

We got some great news leading into Teacher Appreciation Week!

Did you see this in U.S. News & World Report?

On April 30, U.S. News & World Report released its 2019 ranking of public high schools all across our country. 

Out of 650 high schools in Michigan, Frankenmuth High School ranked 29th – placing us in the top 5%.

While I don’t believe arbitrary lists and report cards of this kind should be used to make district-by-district comparisons – as every district has its own unique demographics, strengths, and challenges – I do believe U.S. News & World Report gave us a wonderful pat on the back.

Here is the link to the article on the U.S. News Website if you want to read it for yourself.

So instead of using the report to compare, I’m going to use it to affirm – to affirm what we are doing as a school district, as parents, as students, and as a community.

We are doing good work for the children in our care. 

I am also happy that this solid affirmation came out prior to National Teacher Appreciation Week, May 6-10.

Our superior 5% ranking – however it was calculated – didn’t happen by accident or the luck of the draw.

With support from our parents and community, our FSD teachers are an incredibly special blend of dedication, talent, skill, genuine humanity, and, of course, good humor and fun.

The recent affirmation we received wouldn’t have been possible without them.

So I’m truly grateful to our teachers – for their effort, for the opportunities they create, and the growth mindset they model.

Picture of Frankenmuth Schools Students, next to a quote by Carol Dweck

In the spirit of Teacher Appreciation Week, I hope you’ll join me in reaching out to our teachers and saying, “Well done!”

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