April is National Volunteer Month!

Did you know April is National Volunteer Month?

More than likely, you didn’t.

It’s hardly your fault.

Volunteers aren’t people who typically brag about what they do or make a big deal about the contributions they make.

Folks like this don’t always make it easy for us to fully appreciate them.

The volunteers in our schools are like this!

They serve our students and assist our staff without ever seeking praise or the spotlight, so I’m grateful we’re now in the midst of National Volunteer Month.

An observation of this time on the calendar reminds me (and hopefully you too!) to recognize our dedicated school volunteers and shout out to them,“Hey! We appreciate having you in our schools!. Thank you!”

Picture of frankenmuth students with the quote "We rise... by lifting others." by Robert Ingersoll

Our school volunteers add much to the vitality and the culture of caring in our schools.

And here’s how I think it happens.

Imagine our school district like it’s your favorite kind of birthday cake.

Picture of a birthday cake

Imagine our wonderful teachers, principals, students, coaches, parents, and support staff all mixed together as the main ingredients of our cake and wow! Is our cake ever fantastic!

The wonderful blend of ingredients we have in our FSD cake helps us offer layer upon layer of “tasty” learning opportunities to all ages and levels – and I wouldn’t have it any other way.
I’m proud our district provides an enriching public education “birthday cake” to one and all, and that it comes with an assortment of delightful extras, including yummy icing and the colorful candles on the top.

Now, as tremendous as our FSD birthday cake is, it can always be made better. Every positive experience can always be enhanced. And this where our school volunteers step up big time!

Thanks to the contributions of their kind hearts and supportive presence in our schools, we have more than just a great cake!

Our cake is surrounded by a greater number of trusting relationships and encouraging words than we could ever provide on our own.

This is the priceless value of what our volunteers bring in; more helping hands, more smiles, and more listening ears.  

There’s no doubt in my mind our volunteers help all of us in FSD make our theme a reality: “FSD – Where Effort Opens Opportunity.”

It’s a fact.

Whenever one of our volunteers enters a school, it immediately becomes a warmer and more encouraging place for everyone.

So, thank you FSD school volunteers!

You’re the best!

And now… if you’re reading this and are not yet yourself a volunteer in one of our schools, I invite you to give it a try.

I can make these three promises to you.

You’re needed.
You’ll enjoy the positive difference you can make.
And plus, we’ve got cake!

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