Board of Education Regular Meeting will be help on July 15, 2024. An agenda will be posted by July 12th.

Welcome back!
I hope you had a wonderful holiday break!
How’s this for a New Year’s resolution?

RESOLVED: To keep spreading glad tidings and goodwill to others as modeled last month by our Varsity Girls’ Basketball Team
It is with this Frankenmuth News story in mind, I present this resolution to you today.
One early December evening, the team took a night off from practice to purchase more than $700 worth of toys using funds contributed by several Frankenmuth families.
The toys were then delivered to Bridgeport High School for its “Santa is coming to Bearcat Country” event.
As only Santa can, Santa then magically appeared at FHS on the last school day before the holiday break to thank members of the team in person!

Expressing gratitude is the right thing to do whatever season –
and it was fun for Santa and his elf to make an appearance here.
I still can’t believe how Santa and his elf bore uncanny resemblances to Bridgeport-Spaulding’s Superintendent Mark Whelton and District Administrator Liz Merrihew.
In rolling into 2024, I asked several staff members to share a few words about their hopes and goals.

Toni Henry – FSD Community Education Director

One thing that I am looking forward to in the New Year is continuing to build connections with local organizations and groups that allow our program to provide new and exciting experiences for students and the community to enjoy. 

I’m so excited for the 2024 theater season! So many great things ahead! 

JoLynn Clark – FHS Principal

We want our students and staff to SOAR in 2024!

Our district is exploring ways for our students to expand their post-secondary opportunities and pathways, whether in higher education, military service, or trade and career skills.

With the wonderful support of our parents and community, I’m proud to be part of an FSD staff ready to ring in the New Year with a clear focus on ensuring every FHS grad will leave us prepared for success at the next level because intentionally equipped each one with a unique plan and a distinct advantage.

Jason Vislosky – List Elementary Principal

My hope for 2024 is simple.

I hope we’ve put our COVID days behind us once and for all.

We’ve been on an upward trajectory at List since the pandemic and I’d like for our positive momentum to continue.

Kevin Schwedler – FHS Athletic Director

It’s kinda funny – with having to do more with electronic scoreboards, online scheduling, and sound and lighting systems – I should probably go to technology training this year.

But I’m excited about our department’s commitment to provide our student-athletes memorable opportunities to compete on several of our region’s and state’s finest fields and courts.

Kate Conzelmann – FHS Counselor

I’m looking forward to challenging this year’s seniors to “choose joy” more often than not.

I think this is important for all our students to do (including staff members like me!). We must remember COVID hit the Class of 2024 hard just as they were transitioning from 8th grade to high school.

I want to see how I can support them in thinking about their choices, how they manage their time, what friends they allow to influence them, and which daily habits will help or harm their future happiness and success.

David Jaworski – FHS Assistant Principal

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what I’d like to do differently in the New Year.

I’d like to help our students better communicate their thoughts and feelings with our staff and also with each other. We’ve all got room to grow in this area.

Additionally, I want to connect with more students in our school’s clubs and organizations beyond the sport program. I want every student to know we see and recognize them.

Christine Fry – EFR Middle School Principal

Our school theme puts the spotlight on KINDNESS this year – and I’d like all of us at EFR to keep building on it.

I’m also excited about having the additional support of a school resource officer on our campus too, as every trusted adult who is willing to interact with our students and listen to their concerns and questions enhances our learning environment considerably.

We want EFR to always be a place where our students experience success, both academically and socially.

We’re starting the year off strong.
I know this to be true.
The staff members who shared their New Year’s hopes with you are representative of an incredible roster of educators and school support team here in FSD.
Thanks to them – and to you – our district will continue to work on identifying, clarifying, and providing what our students need to confidently and competently lead the way in the future.
Our commitment to move FSD from great to exceptional will require consistent effort again in 2024.
But the children in our community are worth it, agreed?
Hope you’re ready!

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