Board of Education Regular Meeting will be help on July 15, 2024. An agenda will be posted by July 12th.

Grant Hegenauer

Grant Hegenauer

This is hard for me to believe

It’s hard to believe our school year is over next week. And although our high school’s Class of 2024 graduated last week, many of our seniors are still participating in the spring sports! Here’s quick recap of our Spring Sports…

How unique is the FHS Class of 2024?

How unique is our Class of 2024? Well, consider this: What makes this unique is that it’s rare for a school to report that 100% of their senior class’ members have completed the requirements necessary to pursue their preferred “next…

Where’s Einstein when I need him?

I wasn’t kidding. I need a math wiz to help me figure this all out. Here’s the problem. We have four wonderful people who will be retiring from our district in a few weeks. These four have a total of…

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