Grant Hegenauer

Grant Hegenauer

What’s better than EyeWitness News? 

Don’t you usually prefer to get your news about an event from the observers who were right there “on the scene?” I do. For many of us, receiving a first-hand report about an event will always beat one coming our way…

Lansing & Planning, & Dancing (Oh my!) 

It seems memorable phrases often contain only three words. Of course, there’s “Lions & Tigers & Bears, Oh My!” from the Wizard of Oz. I also enjoyed the late Hall of Fame announcer Ernie Harwell’s famous home run exclamation, “It’s looonnnggg…

Happy New Year! 

Eagle Soaring

Since we’re only five days into 2023 – I hope it’s still fitting to wish you a Happy New Year! It’s wonderful to have classes resume and have the opportunity to observe learning back in full swing and see so…

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