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Can you guess the trait our student-athletes and school retirees share?

Okay. Here’s a hint.
It’s probably a trait you appreciate.
(I know I do.)
Times up!
The trait our wonderful student-athletes and school retirees share is this –
That despite their past and current contributions and accomplishments, they are all enthusiastic optimists eager to take on the new challenges and opportunities bound to come their way in the NEXT SEASON.
This shared trait makes me especially proud to recognize the following teams and individuals in today’s email.
Thank you FHS Athletic Director Kevin Schwedler for providing this brief wrap-up of our Spring Sports Season.

Varsity Baseball

2nd place TVC Red, District Champions, Regional Champions, and fell short in the Quarterfinals. This was our baseball team’s first appearance in the Quarterfinals since 2013.

Varsity Softball

District Champions, Regional Champions. Last night the Eagles played in the Quarterfinals for the first time since 2015. A tough defeat kept them from going on to MSU for the MHSAA finals. 

Varsity Boys Golf

2nd Place TVC Red. Played very well this season with room to grow… and barely missed qualifying for the MHSAA finals!

Varsity Girls Tennis

Another fine season. Qualified for the MHSAA Finals and scored 2 pts in a valiant effort against elite competition. 

Varsity Girls Soccer

District champions. Our Lady Eagles had a great season as the #1 seed in the district and then fought to the very end in a tough MHSAA Regional.

Varsity Boys Track

TVC Red Champions, MITCA State Champions. Our Boys team finished a successful season by qualifying in the top 5 at the MHSAA Finals.

Varsity Girls Track

TVC Red Champions, MITCA Runner Up, Regional Champions. Our Girls track team had an outstanding season and also qualified for the MHSAA finals.

Co-op Lacrosse with Bay City Central

We had four Eagles from FHS play on our Lacrosse co-op team. Our kids competed hard, enjoyed the experience, and we’re hoping to add more Eagles to the team next season.


I’d like to give a special shoutout to our four FSD retirees.

I’ll hope you’ll join me in wishing them well.

Bruce Hawkins, Technology Director

Bruce has been with the district for over 24 years and the entire technology department evolved under his direction. Bruce spent countless hours making sure our system was running – and had to work many late nights ensure FSD was up and running to effectively support our students and staff. Bruce truly led Frankenmuth into the digital age and we are truly losing “One of the Most Influential Tech Directors” in our region. I’m fairly sure  Bruce will enjoy a lot of time “off the grid” in the future up north.

Tim Smith, School Resource Officer

Tim was an invaluable asset to the Frankenmuth School Community, helping to build meaningful relationships between law enforcement and students. His dedication and professionalism enhanced the safe and positive learning environment we greatly value on our campus. Best wishes in your future adventures, Officer Smith!

Linda Mawer, Para Pro at EFR

Linda has been a passionate advocate for ALL children for over 15 years in our district. She’s been an integral part of our BRASS program (Being a Really Awesome Support Student). Linda not only connects her student groups with their lessons in school, she also finds ways to raise money in support of BRASS in our community. Linda’s affection and caring heart will be missed by many in our school family. No doubt she’ll continue to find ways to keep serving others in the future, too!

Renee Sommerfield, 1st grade teacher at List 

It’s hard to believe this, but Renee has been with our district since 1997. She started out with us as a kindergarten teacher before actually making the “big leap” to her first-grade classroom. In her 26 years teaching for FSD, Renee has inspired incredible joy and curiosity in the hundreds of children she has taught. She is truly a molder of dreams – and it’ll be interesting to see how Renee continues to do this in the future. Stay tuned!

I hope you enjoyed learning more about our Spring Sports teams and this year’s retirees.

Their goodwill and talents have lifted up our school district and our community in many ways.

Of course, in the weeks and months ahead, no two “next seasons” will be the exact same for any of them. 

And that’s okay.

They know we’re grateful and they can count on our support!

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