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Board of Education Regular Meeting, Monday, June 10th at 6:00 pm in the Media Center at E.F. Rittmueller.
The agenda will be posted on Friday, June 7th.

As you and I prepare for the start of a new school year, it probably wouldn’t be a bad thing for us to step back and ask ourselves:
“What are we hoping to build this year?”
After all, isn’t this ‘what are we hoping to bulld?’ question at the very core of our current work and planning?
I think it is.
And I also think this visual by Moina Abdul, a young visual creator in India, gets us pointed in the right direction.

This reminds us every one of our young Eagles will need strong foundation to later soar to skyscraper heights in their lives  – and I’m glad this is what we are continuing to build together in 2023-2024.
FSD staff is at the center of building the right foundation, too!

JoLynn Clark
FHS Principal

The start of the new school year is always exciting with staff and students returning to the building and bringing it back to life! We have so many great opportunities for our students to personalize their learning pathways and high school experience. We are pleased that a number of students wanted to take AP Statistics, so that is back in our course offerings this year. We also have added an “aviation focused” subsection to our Engineering class. Those are just two examples, but there are many great things in store for 2023-24!

Kevin Schwedler
Athletic Director

Our athletic department and coaches look forward to doing our best to provide a positive athletic experience for all of our student-athletes, regardless of the final score. And I know our student-athletes are equally excited to participate and compete while representing our school and community. This year we are inserting a few more “growth challenges” into our schedules, as our teams will occasionally take on some tougher competition and experience playing in some different venues. This will help us challenge ourselves to be the best we can be.

David Jaworski
FHS Assistant Principal

My hope for this school year is that our students will experience and carry away real value in their education. Because no matter their future plans, being able to adapt and keep learning are skills that will never let them down. I also hope we’ll keep building on positive relationships in our school. All of our policies – from our “no cell phone” policy to other school security protocols – strive to ensure FHS provides high quality learning opportunities in a safe place for all.

Cindy Hegenauer
FSD Food Service Director

Beginning with this school year, the State of Michigan is providing free breakfast and lunch for all students, including ours. And I look to offering updates to you about this program as we roll it out here in FSD. Obviously, the number of meals we serve every school day will be higher, but we’re happy to be able to feed everyone.

Kate Conzelmann
FHS Counselor

As exciting as it is to start a new school year, I hope our students will envision all of the possibilities ahead for them far beyond just the next ten months. If each of us – FSD staff, parents, and community – encourage our students to sharpen their future visions, they will make the effort to open new doors of opportunity every day. Every student has their own path, of course. This is why I’m grateful we offer a variety of learning options, from in-person instruction, online classes, dual enrollment, career and technical education, certifications, programs, clubs, and teams.

I hope you enjoyed the perspectives of these five FSD staff members as much as I did.
Thank you, team!
I’ve got to tell you.
It a bit of cajoling to get Cindy Hegenauer (my Aunt!) to share her Back-to-School thoughts for this email.
Throughout her 29 years as FSD’s Food Service Director, Cindy much prefers to work behind the scenes.
Now, fully in keeping with our blazing hot weather and the mere mention of food, I’ve got another perfect visual from Moina Abdul to share.

So, whether it’s brick by brick – or lick by lick – thank YOU for providing so many opportunities for our Eagles to grow and succeed.  
Here’s the link to all of Fall 2023 Back-to-School info.
I’ll email you again next Thursday.

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