Change affects our lives every day.
Of course, you already know this, but during this time of year – change seems operating on too much caffeine!
From the new blooms in our gardens to the new steps ahead for our grads, you and I are immersed in change.
Fortunately, many teachers, parents, and grandparents help prepare the youngest of our children appreciating and responding to the changes in life almost from day one.
A number of entertaining picture books have assisted in this process.
How many times have you read these two books aloud to youngsters in your care over the years?

When it comes to introducing life’s changes in a fun way to little ones, it’s hard to top this book, too.

In fact, an outgoing preK teacher named Jenny has had more than 26,000 toddlers and parents view her 4-minute video on YouTube. 

If “Changes, Changes.” by Pat Hutchins is totally new to you, I think you’ll enjoy Jenny’s engaging rendition.
So, with change all around us in FSD in every class and building, I’d like to focus on an important “big step” transition in our district today –
Helping our 8th graders at EFR get ready for 9th grade at FHS.
Without a doubt, their parents, loved ones, and teachers have prepared them well.
And are three EFR teachers and four 8th graders offering their own thoughts as they look ahead to Fall 2023.

Zachary Reimus – EFR Social Studies Teacher

“I hope all of our 8th graders keep striving to achieve the goals they have set for themselves. They have the skills and ability. And I also hope they continue to build bonds with their classmates as freshmen entering high school.”

Rochelle Snow – EFR Art & Design Teacher

“As our students leave us to graduate from EFR and walk into the high school, I have nothing but high hopes for each one of them. The sky’s the limit for them if they continue to work hard, dream big, and envision big goals.”

Cassandra Shorkey – EFR Math Teacher

Hey, 8th grade class! Get ready to make an impact on the world. You are born to make a difference. Don’t just go with the flow. Go out of the way to achieve what you want. I am so proud of all you’ve done this past year and look forward to hearing about your achievements in the future!

Gavin Martin – soon to be 9th grader

“I think I’m ready for 9th grade. There will be more opportunities and I’m really excited to participate in high school sports.”

Bindi Riccobono – soon to be 9th grader

“Mrs. Schuler, our English teacher, definitely helped us prepare for high school. She made sure we know what to expect. I’m also very excited about the band trips!”

Breslyn Cornelius – soon to be 9th grader

“I’m excited to go the high school. It’s bigger. The lockers are bigger. And there are many more options for elective classes. I can’t wait for high school sports to begin, either.”

Cambrin Altscheffel – soon to be 9th grader

“The amount of classwork we got at EFR increased as time went on. This helped us prepare for the work load we’ll get at the high school. I’m really looking forward to a new environment and more freedom in picking classes.”

Well done, EFR teachers, students, and parents!
Our students are ready for 9th grade –
which is a good thing because Fall 2023 will be here before we know it!
The success our students achieve in and out of the classroom isn’t done in isolation, either.
A tremendously generous community has supported FSD for many years.
When there are changes and innovations that would be beneficial to the cause of learning, time and time again our community steps up.
Perhaps you’ve already seen this photo in the Frankenmuth News, but I want to highlight it here to thank once again the Frankenmuth Women’s Club and the Frankenmuth Credit Union for gifting us with three Life Vac School Kits.

(L-R) Phyllis Redford, Tamara Tsulaia, Phyllis Madison, myself, Vicki Schnitzer, Jessica Dennison, Amy Reinbold, Kendra Prenzler, and Susan Todd.

Having a quick response Life Vac in each one of our schools adds to our crisis-readiness as it’s now available to help remove items from the airways of anyone who may be choking.
I’m grateful to these two wonderful community organizations for helping us change for the better when it’s needed.
I’m also grateful to YOU for the very same thing.
Hope all of your changes this spring are good ones!

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