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The agenda will be posted on Friday, June 7th.

Doublemint Gum had it right (somewhat)

Remember the old Doublemint Gum jingle?

Double your pleasure.
Double your fun.

With Doublemint, Doublemint,
Doublemint Gum!

Yes, I know I’m probably revealing my age by hauling out a reference to the Doublemint Gum jingle – But I think Doublemint’s leadership team was onto something.

It’s usually a good thing if you’re working to offer MORE to your customers or the people you serve.

And this is what we’re continuing to do in FSD.

Because of our ever-changing world and the wide diversity of interests, backgrounds, and dreams in our students, we’re continuing our commitment to:
•  MORE learning opportunities
•  MORE paths to college and career
•  MORE choices in career & technical education

There are a lot of moving parts involved when it comes to opening MORE doors to future success for our students.

Fortunately, our district leadership team, our staff, and many community members in business and industry are active in the planning to make this happen.

It’s so important for FSD and our educational partners (like the Saginaw Intermediate School District) to keep expanding the high-quality secondary and post-secondary career and technical education offerings for our students.
While not in the future plans for a number of our students, of course, many of our students can look forward to applying the skills and knowledge they acquire in career and technical education programs to graduate and enter a rewarding field with excellent pay and steady advancement.
This is why FSD is committed to doubling-down on career and technical education.

Principal JoLynn Clark and the FHS student advising team are already on it.
I’m appreciative of their expertise – and I know our students will benefit as a result.

JoLynn and her staff are continually broadening the ways every FHS graduate will be ready for their future “next steps.”
They want to our FHS grads to depart with a leg up on the competition whether their next steps involve enlisting in the military, pursuing their education in college, joining an apprenticeship program, or starting down their chosen career path. 

Thanks to them, the list of choices our high school is providing to our students is becoming MORE vibrant with every new school year.  

These choices may take the form of college credits through Advanced Placement coursework, dual enrollment, or articulated credits within CTE programs, or skills and knowledge gained through earned certifications, licensures, and industry recognized credentials earned through CTE programs or Work Based Learning job placements. 
I could go on and on, but I won’t.

And to prevent my email from becoming a full-length book, I’ll update you in the weeks ahead about the upcoming Work Based Learning and Summer Jobs Fair that JoLynn and the high school team are planning for FHS in cooperation with the Frankenmuth Chamber of Commerce. 
A lot of great thinking and work are going into this.
And the interest among our students is high!
Here is FHS career and business teacher Ryan Ford (on the far left) with more than 60 of our Business, Marketing, and Accounting students who participated in this winter’s DECA competition, an annual event sponsored by the national high school and college organization which supports emerging young leaders and entrepreneurs.

Like Principal Clark, Ryan is in the forefront of helping expand career and technical education opportunities at FHS.
I look forward to sharing MORE about what he is doing with our students in a future email.
You’ll appreciate his dedication for helping our students become high-quality career-ready young adults.
After all, it’s the Eagles way.
Minimum double-talk.
Maximum double-do!
I’m proud to partner with you in supporting our students, families, and school district!

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