When it comes to school budgets, however, this is not the case.

Stability and predictability are better than sudden ups and downs.

This is why I’d like you to mark Tuesday, August 6, on your calendar.

  • 18 mill non-homestead renewal (which does not apply to your primary residence)
  • 2 mill Sinking Fund renewal for major repairs and maintenance (roofs, HVAC mechanicals, etc.)           

A cost-savings note: our Sinking Fund was originally approved for 5-years in 2014, and once again for 5 years in 2019. While the 2 mill rate does not change at all on the 2024 ballot, you’ll see the time frame in the renewal request is for 6 years, not 5. Here’s why. Approving the Sinking   Fund for 6 years will align it was the Federal general election calendar. FSD will then no longer need to pay the significant costs associated with special elections.

The ballot language for the Operating Renewal request looks like this:

The ballot language for the Sinking Fund Renewal request looks like this:

Click here for the Election Info from the Frankenmuth City Clerk

Both renewals were approved by voters five years ago (2019) and do not ask for a property tax increase.

For several generations, FSD has sent its graduates off to their “next steps” grounded in great encouragement, preparation, and the unique character of our community.

Our amazing Class of 2024 is no exception.

Thanks to the support of staff, parents, community members, and folks like you, FSD has stayed true to our longtime Excellence in Education vision.

This is why I ask you to give our two renewals on the August 6 ballot your consideration.

As you might recall – back in 2019 – voters approved a 17 year renovation and construction bond along with the two renewals that you’ll now see on your August ballot.

Over the last several years, you’ve no doubt seen now these three community-support millage proposals have helped us maintain our district’s premier position in instructional leadership.

Inside and out, we have facilities and learning spaces that are safer, more energy efficient, and more inspiring for our staff and students.

Here are a few examples that often aren’t so readily seen.

FHS Media Center
EFR Media Center
List Media Center
EFR Media Center
Eagle’s Sensory Room
Industrial Education
Band Room

“Eagle’s Landing” Playground

In closing –

Thank you for your consideration about our two renewals on the August 6 ballot.

Additional information will be coming your way.

And please contact me directly with any question.

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