Our memories are shaped by our “memorable moments.”

When we support our kids in a new experience – whether it’s their first day of school, first time on stage, or first time behind the wheel – we’re building a memorable moment for them and for us!

Along with looking ahead to FSD’s Back-to-School season and our school open houses next week, I guess what got me thinking about “memorable moments” is helping our freshman daughter Jillian move into her dorm this week at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.

As cliché-ish as it sounds, it seems like only yesterday my wife Jaimi and I were sharing in the moment of Jillian’s first day of kindergarten.

As we helped her pack boxes and load the car on Tuesday, Jaimi and I enjoyed the blessing of being able to experience a brand-new first-time moment with our daughter.

For sure, as every parent knows, most of our positive memorable moments with our children require healthy doses of love, commitment, and carving out time on our crazy-busy calendars.

And next week – beginning with our open houses and all through the new school year – I hope WE ALL can give our students the time, attention, and support necessary to build memorable moments that will last lifetimes, theirs and ours.

Now, given this friendly nudge…

Here are our BACK-TO-SCHOOL links that will assist you in your planning.

I’ll be attending every open house and I look forward to “meeting and greeting” you.

And please don’t be shy about approaching me and introducing yourself.

I’ll try to do the same!

We’ll also need to be patient with the
construction progress at List Elementary

Even though work is proceeding at a good and steady pace, List students, parents, and staff will need to be aware of a phased-in timeframe.

For example, because the official approval for occupancy is the date for the first day of classes, next week’s open house at List will use a drive-through format (similar to what we did last school year due to the pandemic).

No doubt we’re all looking forward to our yet-unscheduled celebration of the completion of construction at List which will take place sometime in late September.

So for now –

Let’s not let the temporary dust and inconveniences that come with construction deter us from shaping wonderful Back-to-School moments with our students.


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