Good News and Bad News

First the good news!

Our FSD slogan for this school year “Where Effort Opens Opportunity” is a winner. Not only do these four words hold true in our schools – and in all walks of life – they are so easy to remember and say. How can you not like that?

Now… here’s the bad news!

TALKING the “Where Effort Opens Opportunity” talk is one thing. Actually WALKING IT is something else. This requires planning and coordinating the talents and dedication of many.
Whoa! What a challenge!

But there’s BETTER NEWS!
(Of course! We’re the Eagles!)

Our students, teachers, principals, coaches, school staff, parents, board trustees and community members have embraced the challenge! From day one of the new school year, everyone in the FSD family has put our slogan IN ACTION in countless ways that lift up our teaching and learning mission.

Yes. The expectations contained in our “Where Effort Opens Opportunity” slogan are high. But I can’t tell you how proud and appreciative I am to see so many people all across our district sharing eager minds, enthusiastic professionalism, and caring hearts to bring it to life.

Want proof?

At a Friday night football game a few weeks ago, I bumped into three of our graduates. We chatted for a bit and then I asked them if our district prepared them for what they are doing now. And overwhelmingly, all three said we prepared them very well for life after high school. They pointed out how their junior year schedule helped them with English writing, math, and other courses that gave them confidence to succeed now.

The grads also mentioned how they now appreciated the real-life “organization insights” our teachers and coaches gave them. Although these lessons didn’t seem like a big deal to them back then, they sure see their value now. So, big thumbs up, FSD schools!

A wonderful way to start

List elementary students reading in classWow! We have fantastic people in the FSD family, all the way from our preschool through our high school!

Now I’m going to go back to my roots as an elementary teacher and say how exciting it is to see our little ones take off in reading. They’re receiving such focused and purposeful instruction. We’re seeing non-readers discover what it’s like in the world of literacy and they’re becoming readers! To me, this is absolutely thrilling.

We’ve also put several strong math programs in place, and our literacy coaches and math teams are implementing them well.

I’m also elated the spirit of our academics has carried over to 8th Hour, our new after-school program. Thanks to Bonnie and a host of others in our Community Ed program, we’re now offering a blend of enrichment programs to further extend the learning and interests of our students.

Our community’s DNA is special 

We are blessed in our community, especially as we all anticipate
what promises to be a wonderful time of thankfulness.

And in keeping with the upcoming holiday season, there’s no better time to visit our gorgeous Bronner Performing Arts Center.

I can’t think of a more perfect venue to showcase the talents of our middle school and high school bands, our choirs, and our elementary music program.

The performing and visual arts are growing and thriving here in our schools and everyone involved gives us much to be thankful for.

I know your calendar is filling up and you don’t want to miss the events we have coming up. Please note my community bulletin and our website for all of the dates and performance times.

A Thanksgiving wish (along with a big challenge!)

We each have countless blessings all around us – and I wish you a joyful Thanksgiving holiday with your family and friends.

In my role as superintendent, my spirit is boosted by these two blessings as well.

I’m so proud and appreciative for how our students, staff, parents, and community are living up to our slogan “Where Effort Opens Opportunity.”

I’m grateful for what YOU do, too.List Elementary Students sitting on a bench together as friends

Life in the real-world is often not easy, so never underestimate how EVERY ENCOURAGING WORD you say to your child – or to a staff member – helps fuel our positive momentum.

You’re needed and valued here in our schools.

Always know that.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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