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Do you have a favorite graduation memory?

We all do!

Now the teacher inside me wants to see every hand raised – including yours – when this question is asked.

I feel this way because our shared moments of recognition and accomplishment are special to each of us and a huge part of our community’s annual tradition.

And you can take great pride in Frankenmuth High School’s Class of 2022.

Our grads are truly a splendid ensemble of young men and women.

But don’t take my word for it!

Check out these reflections from five of our longtime FSD staff members.

Michelle GatzaEarly Childhood Director

What an amazing group of kids! Many were my little preschoolers that use to dance the Tooty Ta and sing the Days of the Week with me! They have grown into amazing men and women here in Frankenmuth and that makes me proud! They will forever be an Eagle in my heart!

Penny WanlessFSD Parapro Educator

I was with this graduating class during their EFR days. These young adults have shown kindness and eagerness to learn and grow. I’m proud of this 2022 Graduating Class. I hope they are as proud of themselves as the school district is of them.

Kate ConzelmannFHS Counselor

This graduating class entered their junior year of high school, what some might say is the hardest year, with so many unknowns from leaving in March of 2020. They fought for themselves, their grades, their activities, and for each other. They accepted uncertainty and difficulty and I think they now possess a unique appreciation for not being able to “get to do things” when others before them could.

Laura JacobMiddle School Librarian

The Class of 2022 is made up of driven, intelligent, and athletic students. But most of all they were respectfully comical when they were at EFR. When I think of this class the images of each of their smiles come to mind. I hope they’ve kept their sense of humor.

Kristen HechtEFR Middle School Principal

The Class of 2022 went to DC fall of 2017 and this is one of my all-time favorite DC photos.

I will never forget the respect these boys showed at Arlington.

When a student asked if they could pose over by the gravestones, we first talked about respecting the area, taking hats off, and not

touching the gravestones, etc.

I then told the boys I trusted them to walk calmly to the site.

It brought tears to my eyes as they slowly walked to the area and turned around. A couple of boys took a knee, and others followed.

You might note one boy on the left gently touching the grave marker. He is autistic and I believe he moved away after his sophomore year. 

Anyway, what I want you to know is this.

The other boys on the trip did a fantastic job supporting this student. His father chaperoned the trip and was very touched by how they included his son in everything.

Just wanted to give a big shoutout to all of the young men in the Class of 2022! (All of the young women too, of course!)

Here is another prized photo of mine.

This photo was taken at the Hartley Nature Center during the 2014-2015 school year.

Thank you –

Michelle, Penny, Kate, Laura, and Kristen.

Well said!

And YOU are not off the hook when it comes to recognizing the contribution of others, either.

As you may know, FSD launched a Hall of Fame in 2014 and we welcome two talented and caring individuals into our HOF every year.

Here’s where you come in.

Nominations for this year’s recipients need to be turned in by June 10.

Please read the website story about our Hall of Fame and see the list of our honorees.

The easy-to-fill-out nomination form is at the bottom of the web page. (Don’t scroll past it.)

I hope you’ll read the webpage and get inspired to send in a nomination!

In closing, please join me in congratulating the remarkable grads in our Class of 2022.

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