Frankenmuth School District Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame Honorees

2022 Recipients
Col. Tonya L. Sebold – Alumna of the Year
Jim Petteys –
Champion of Children

2021 Recipients
Ms. Jamie Schmidt – Alumna of the Year
Mr. Jim VanDevelde – Champion of Children

2020 Recipients
Mrs. Judy Zehnder Keller – Alumna of the Year
Mrs. Kathy Morin – Champion of Children

2019 Recipients
Dr. Tom Keinath –
Alumnus of the year
Mr. Tom Daugharty – Champion of the Children

2018 Recipients
Mr. Adrian Eichorn – Alumnus of the year
Mrs. Mary Weiss – Champion for the Children

2017 Recipients
Mr. Wally Kern –
Alumnus of the Year 
Mr. Bill Fischer –
Champion for the Children

2016 Recipients
Dr. Philip Felgner –
Alumnus of the Year 
Dr. Harold Braeutigam – Champion for the Children

2015 Recipients
Mr. David Hubinger – Alumnus of the Year 
Gerald Hennesy – Champion for the Children 

How Our Hall of Fame Began

Our FSD Hall of Fame actually has a unique origin story. 

In 2013, Judy Zehnder-Keller approached then Superintendent Mary Anne Ackerman with an idea.

Judy thought FSD should consider launching a Hall of Fame with the purpose of annually lifting high the banner for public education and providing the opportunity to recognize a number of past and present Eagles – graduates and community members alike – who have gone on to represent the best of what FSD is all about.
“It’s really a wonderful thing,” Judy said. “Year after year – thanks to great teachers, parents, and community partners – many of the most unassuming ‘young eagles’ in our schools graduate and then ultimately soar to great heights in life.”  

Judy recalled how her dad, Tiny Zehnder, could only go through 10th grade at Frankenmuth High School, as FSD didn’t have classes that extended through the 12th grade at the time.

Tiny transferred to Arthur Hill High School and earned his diploma there, and many years later, he was honored to receive one of their “Alumnus of the Year” awards. 

Although this would be just one of many awards Tiny would receive in his adult life, this one always had a special place in heart.

“This award didn’t come from a business association or community organization,” Judy said. “My father treasured it because it came from the friends and peers he grew up with.” With this in mind, Judy gave Mary Anne her reasons why FSD should start a similar Hall of Fame – and Mary Anne fully agreed!

“We’ve definitely had hundreds of grads who have gone on to chase down their dreams and accomplish great things in life,” Mary Anne said. 

So in 2014, the FSD Hall of Fame was born and began highlighting two noteworthy award-winners on the day of the Homecoming Football Parade and Game.

The two awards were named the Alumnus of the Year and the Champion of Children

The Alumnus of the Year would go to a select FHS grad with a record of accomplishment, and the Champion of Children award could go to any community member with a consistent record of support and service to FSD students and programs, regardless of where they attended school.

2023 Nominations

Submit your nomination for the 2023 Hall of Fame. All nominations must be submitted by May 31, 2023.

98c Learning Loss Plan

Frankenmuth School District 98c Learning Loss Funds have and will be used for and will continue to ensure intervention implementation for our most vulnerable populations by:

The hiring of an FHS Assistant Principal to directly work w/ targeted at-risk students displaying behavioral and academic needs. The FHS Assistant Principal utilizes activities designed to assess, track, and improve the well-being of pupils (behaviorally and academically struggling) in order to supplement educational processes, as well as engage in meaningful consultation and assistance to parents and families of students who the pandemic has directly impacted.

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