FSD – where EFFORT opens opportunity.

As our fall seasons wrap up – I’m reminded EFFORT also leads the way to something else.

Something important.

And this is EXCELLENCE.

Example #1 – our FHS Marching Band

Check out this report from Mr. Eric Clauder, our Instrumental Music Teacher and Eagle Marching Band Director.

“I couldn’t be prouder of our Eagle Marching Band.

At the recent MSBOA Marching Band Festival, our band received straight 1’s (the highest rating possible) along with numerous accolades from all three judges (music, marching, and general effect).

The judges were especially impressed with the overall sound of the group.

This is only the third time FHS has attended Marching Band Festival. Considering that both the Freshman and Sophomore classes have never experienced a marching season, I would describe our showing at the Festival as a great success.

We also know what areas we need to improve, so we can strive for an even higher level of excellence.”

Join me in extending congratulations to the Eagle Marching Band and Director Eric Clauder.  Their mark of excellence is officially on the board!

I have more examples of excellence for you today, too!

The accomplishments of our Fall Varsity Sports Teams were inspiring.

As we head into districts and playoffs, here is how they fared:

Way to go, Eagles!

Thank you FSD athletes, musicians, coaches, directors, parents, staff, and boosters for doing the work to make positive results possible.

I’m grateful for all you do, too!

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98c Learning Loss Plan

Frankenmuth School District 98c Learning Loss Funds have and will be used for and will continue to ensure intervention implementation for our most vulnerable populations by:

The hiring of an FHS Assistant Principal to directly work w/ targeted at-risk students displaying behavioral and academic needs. The FHS Assistant Principal utilizes activities designed to assess, track, and improve the well-being of pupils (behaviorally and academically struggling) in order to supplement educational processes, as well as engage in meaningful consultation and assistance to parents and families of students who the pandemic has directly impacted.

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