What’s a “new beginning?”

It’s an interesting question.

How would you describe it?

Would you say a new beginning is like a fresh start?

Would you say new beginnings are revealed in our springtime blossoms?

Or would you say stepping up to do something you haven’t done before is a new beginning?

At any rate – just like our graduating seniors and their parents – “new beginnings” have been very much on my mind lately.

Here’s why.

Valued members in our Eagles school family are embarking on some new beginnings of their own.

And I want to share this news about four of our FSD staff members so you can join me in wishing them well.

•  Kristen Hecht, our incredibly skilled and talented Principal at EFR Middle School will be retiring at the end of June. Kristen is a dedicated educator whose legacy spans over 30 years of impressive and impactful service to students, the last 9 of which have been here in FSD. Kristen spearheaded a number of new programs and opportunities at EFR. She’ll be missed!

•  Eric Clauder, our band director and instrumental music teacher, will be leaving FSD after 13 years of creating music magic with our students. Everyone who had the opportunity to learn to play and perform under his direction were blessed and enriched by the experience. As he moves to another district 70 miles away, we wish him well. He’ll be missed!

•  Mike Fresorger, our district’s maintenance supervisor, will retire at the end of October after nearly 40 years of service to FSD, including his stint as a part-time maintenance worker while here in high school. As FSD’s campus and facilities have grown through the years, Mike’s knowledge, skills, and commitment to our district were invaluable. We’ll miss him, too!

•  Phil Martin, who has served FSD so well as our high school assistant principal and business manager for 12 years, will soon step into the new role of Director of Finance and Operations. Although Phil expertly juggled numerous responsibilities in his two current leadership positions, the duties demanded as FSD’s chief financial steward have grown considerably, given the magnitude of our bond and sinking fund projects, budget oversight, and the management of our expenditures. I’m grateful we won’t have to miss Phil as well!

With the announcement of these staff changes, we will soon be posting for the positions of Middle School Principal, Band Director, High School Assistant Principal, and Maintenance Supervisor.

Just wanted you to know.

The annual Senior Symposium also provided a springboard to new beginnings.

I thought you might be curious to see a few photos from this worthwhile event. Many of the lessons learned tied directly to the plans our grads are making for life after high school.

Held in the cafeteria at the end of April, members of the Class of 2022 had the opportunity to show off and talk about their hard work and their “learnings” from their senior projects in a poster-style symposium.

And the reviews were great!

“During my senior project hours, I learned the ins and outs of business, how to interact with customers, and how the economic world works. I also learned how much time and dedication it takes to run a small business that was built from the ground up. ”

-Maddy Leach

“The senior symposium was a great opportunity for young people who are about to go out into the world, to explore real options before leaving the school.”

-Bryce Smith

In closing, I want to express my appreciation to all of the  wonderful mothers and grandmothers in our community! Sunday is a special day for you and I’m grateful for the faithful support you give to your children and the “new beginnings” you encourage, too!

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