How do you measure your days?

There are good days.
There are not-so-good days.

We all have them, right?

But what’s the best way to tell the difference?

Here’s an approach I like.

See what you think.

Now… maybe I’m partial to this approach because it’s a big part of how my college freshman daughter Jillian and I start a conversation whenever we feel the need to touch base.

When Jillian asks, “Hey Dad, you doing okay?

I’m so happy to be able to respond (98% of the time, anyway) with –

“Yes. This has been a good day, Jillian. I started it off smiling and I’m wrapping it up smiling. I couldn’t ask for more.”

Of course, I probably like this particularly approach to measuring days because it’s super simple.

There’s really two criteria to note:

√  Did I start the day with a smile?
√  Did I end with the day with a smile?

This measurement approach is perfect for me.
It’s so simple it’s hard to mess up.
And secondly, I’m in the perfect place to find smiles whenever I need them – in our schools!
The learning that I see taking place in our classrooms ignites them.
Just yesterday, I had the joy of:

Along with the pride of seeing the excellence our staff delivers and how eagerly our students soak it all up, I’m also impressed by the significant sacrifices the Frankenmuth community has made through the years to provide its children with the best education possible.
There’s no doubt about it.
There are new things to smile about every day in FSD!
Now this doesn’t mean I’m grinning from ear to ear as we navigate our COVID related speed bumps together, though.
I know everyone is dealing with various levels of stress currently, including me, to be honest.
But I’m grateful whenever people take the time to share their perspectives and frustrations.
This helps.
Even though I’ve had to modify our Fall Plan & Protocols a couple of times recently, I’m more committed than ever to try my best to communicate with you about what’s happening and how we must periodically adjust here and there.
Despite the maze of health precautions and mandates we must traverse together for a while yet, I know we’ll keep moving in a positive direction.
This is how Frankenmuth approaches every challenge.
Thank YOU for your commitment to helping our students grow, succeed, and learn in safe settings surrounded by a variety of worthwhile opportunities.
This too, causes me to smile!

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