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You may already know the answer.

Eagles can soar above the clouds – at altitudes ranging from 10,000-20,000 feet.


In the days following tonight’s Commencement in the Stadium, members in the FHS Class of 2023 will similarly begin their respective lift-offs to see how high they can soar, too!

Thanks to family, friends, teachers & staff, and community – the 132 grads who will receive their diplomas tonight are prepared and ready.

Although I expressed this last week, I’ll express it again.

The sky’s the limit for grads!

Now here’s a chart about our Class of 2023 you may find interesting.

Looking beyond these numbers, I appreciate Principal JoLynn Clark’s heartfelt perspective on our Class of 2023.

Take a look at what she wrote.

(I think you’ll appreciate her perspective as well.)

The Class of 2023 has been a really fun and impressively persevering group of young adults. This is the class that had one full semester of high school before Covid closed schools in March of 2020. 

This is the class that had –

  • the “alternating days” schedule to start 2020-2021
  • limited & sporadic “group participation opportunities
  • “remote learning” between Thanksgiving & Christmas (2020)

Yet this class persevered. 

  • This year’s graduates demonstrated a year’s worth of growth (as indicated on their PSAT10s) between October 2020 and April 2021 (since there was no testing in Spring 2020, there was no PSAT9 data for this group). 
  • This year’s graduates demonstrated another year’s worth of growth between that April 2021 test and their October 2021 PSAT/NMSQT; and even more impressively, they made a jump between October 2021 and April 2022 when they took their SATs that demonstrated the equivalent of two additional years of growth.

In addition to their academic achievements, this year’s graduates made lasting contributions to the school culture at FHS by completing service projects, volunteering, prioritizing and promoting mental health and overall wellness, and revitalizing assemblies, spirit days, dances, and other events post-pandemic.

This year’s graduates soared through their junior and senior years (more normal times) earning college credits, industry-recognized credentials, licensures, and qualified  designations along with a host of real-world skills and experiences all along the way. 

This year’s graduates leave FHS well-equipped to embark upon their wide array of future plans.

We – the faculty and staff of FHS – are so honored to have been part of their journey.

We can’t wait to see all of the opportunities and successes that lie ahead for them!

In closing, I have another treat for you in recognition of our FHS Class of 2023.

Fueled by their fondness for this year’s grads, Administrative Assistant Kelly Reinhardt and Principal Clark created the 2023 FHS Senior Slideshow you see below with them in mind.

I hope you will be able to find the 12 minutes it will take to enjoy the slideshow.

You helped make it happen.

Our grads will soon be soaring to great heights because of you and so many others.

On behalf of our district and the FHS Class of 2023 –


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