Board of Education Regular Meeting will be help on July 15, 2024. An agenda will be posted by July 12th.

Well, consider this:

  • FHS has 135 seniors.
  • All 135 seniors have earned their place as members of the Frankenmuth High School Graduated Class of 2024.

What makes this unique is that it’s rare for a school to report that 100% of their senior class’ members have completed the requirements necessary to pursue their preferred “next steps.”

Not every school can say that.

Moreover, not every school can even claim that as their norm. 

Here in Frankenmuth, however, the tradition of excellence in education continues with the Class of 2024 because of the combination of hardworking students, engaged families, dedicated staff at all levels K-12, and an incredibly supportive community.

It is this blend of support that has truly prepared the members of the Class of 2024 to tackle the challenges ahead for each of them.

Every one leaves FHS having accomplished the two goals set forth for them when they started their high school journey:

  • they have successfully completed their program,
  • and they carry into the future a tangible advantage.

Whether it be college credits earned through dual enrollment, Early College, or Advanced Placement coursework, certifications and licensures earned through Career and Technical Education program completion, or resumes with skills bolstered by work-based learning experiences, every student has built a firm foundation for embracing the opportunities that lie ahead.

Thank YOU for the role you played in making this impressive chart possible.

Everyone’s hard work, dedication, and encouragement made a difference.

And I’m pleased tonight’s audience at our graduation ceremony will see our entire FHS graduating class recognized and celebrated for successfully moving on to their next level once again.

Now, ol’ Ripley might say, “believe it or not.”

But when it comes to our FHS graduates, we can believe it!

Our grads are leaving us well-prepared.

As this is the Eagle way.

Don’t overlook the Senior Slideshow, either.

It’ll make you smile.

Please join me in congratulating the FHS Class of 2024.

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