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Howdy Pardner! Glad you’re along for the adventure.

March is Reading Month!

You probably already knew this, but what you might not know is how many awesome “pardners” showed up at List Elementary last Friday morning to celebrate the joy of reading with the students.

Teaching things like vocabulary development, phonics, comprehension, sight words, and decoding is super important for building up reading skills in the students – and no one takes it more seriously or does it better than the FSD staff.

But sometimes, everyone just needs to dive into the fun and magic that reading and books bring. And that’s exactly what happened last Friday!

In every classroom at List, the day started with a guest reader sharing their favorite book.

Some guests even projected their book on the big screen.

Dr. Jeff Collier, Saginaw ISD Supt.
Wendy Yagiela, FSD Admin. Asst. to the Supt.
Justin Diegel, MTSS Coordinator
Karen Uebler, FSD Board Member
Toni Henry, Community Ed. Director
Mike Grossi, FSD Board Member
Grant Hegenauer, FSD Superintendent
Lisa Hubbard, FSD Board Member
Ericka Taylor, SISD Literacy Coach
FHS Student Elisabeth Leach
FHS Student A’myah Perkins
Brandon Muller, FSD Board Member

It’s been said the best pardners not only see your potential – they help you grow it, too!
During last Friday’s Reading Day Assembly, Dr. Jeff Collier, Superintendent of our Saginaw ISD, and Grant Hegenauer, Superintendent of FSD, performed a skit to unveil the announcement of the ISD’s $10,000 Book Grant to List First Grade Teacher Danielle Shaeffer.
Supt. Hegenauer played the role of Captain Highbrow and Supt. Collier was Dr. Charisma.

A lot of preparation went into SISD grant application – and the assistance of Mrs. Shaeffer, List Principal Jason Vislosky, and the SISD Executive Director of Instructional Services Vic Bugni deserve a huge “thanks, pardner!”
The grant allowed Mrs. Shaeffer to select books which added to the diversity of interests and reading levels in her own classroom while at the same time, the school library at List received copies of the same books as well.
The grant proceeds were split 50/50, classroom and school library.

This pardnership lassoed in an amazing roundup of books!
Thanks to YOU and the FSD Foundation we’ve more pardnerships gathered around our campfire, too.
Now is the time to submit scholarship applications for Summer Camp.
High noon is April 5.
Which means you only have a few weeks to get your application in.
So, giddy-up – and get the details and forms by clicking here.
In closing –
Thanks for all you do to support our FSD Eagles and all of our fantastic pardners!

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