There really is truth in our district’s motto!

And it was on full display throughout our first day of classes on Tuesday.
It was incredible day.
As I visited every school, it truly was a joyful experience for me to witness so many smiling faces, feel the boundless energy, and know our students, staff, parents, and community are united in having high hopes for the 2021-2022 school year.
Yes, there were a few wrinkles here and there.
But thanks to our seasoned and caring staff – and the patience and understanding students, parents, and YOU – we had a marvelous first day of school.

You know, a big part of the truth in our motto, “Where Effort Opens Opportunity” is often hidden.

We often think that if we make a good effort, a good opportunity will pop up.

But frequently, this isn’t how things turn out. 

For, as you and I know, we rarely are able to just sit down and determine the actual opportunities – or the various calamities – that come our way in life.

What we do determine, though, is the personal; EFFORT we put into preparing for the future – and coming to grips with this makes all the difference in the world.

After all, we determine our –

  • attitude,
  • flexibility,
  • and willingness to care for one another.

These are the choices we’re able to make every day, each in our own way.

And this is what I saw taking place in FSD on Tuesday.

I saw all of the many weeks of preparation and EFFORT ensuring that a great first day of school in FSD would result.

I couldn’t be more pleased.

Thank you!

An A doe EFFORT always matters. I hope you agree.

The high school open house Wednesday night was a blast!

(Huh? You say.)

But just like with the earlier open houses, I’m enjoying meeting so many of you for the first time.

I’m definitely getting a better idea of all of the great ingredients that go into make Frankenmuth School District special.

It’s our people!

And once again, thank you for your warm welcomes and the pledges to support our staff and kids!

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