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Board of Education Regular Meeting, Monday, June 10th at 6:00 pm in the Media Center at E.F. Rittmueller.
The agenda will be posted on Friday, June 7th.

“If you have to shout – few people are listening.”
So today, I’m to whisper a bit of news to you about two wonderful events and hope you listen carefully and help spread the word.
Here’s Event #1 to Whisper About
The Fmuth Players production of “The Crucible” is April 26-28.

The upcoming adaptation has an interesting backstory. (whisper, whisper)
“The Crucible” by playwright Arthur Miller came out in 1953.
The original stage drama used the Salem Witch Trials (1692) to explore how fear, hysteria, and the abuse of power can affect innocent people.

The Fmuth Players production under the direction of Jerrod Naracon will present a creative update using the Russian Revolution (1917-1922) as the setting.

Jerrod has been directing student and community plays for 14 years and this is his first time directing the Fmuth Players.

“I appreciated this show when I acted in it as an 18 year-old back in high school,” said Jerrod. “And while my perspective has changed since I’m 40 years-old now, I still appreciate this play. It’s an emotional show dealing with some very big issues. It’s offers audience members something to think about.”

Rehearsals are going well. (whisper, whisper)

Two FHS juniors as well as other students and community members are in the cast of the “The Crucible.”

Kiera Larrison (L) plays Tituba
This is Keira’s first show on the BPAC stage. She was captivated  by its “dark and mysterious” tone when she read the book for school last fall – and then her friends nudged her to audition for the play just weeks ago.

“Tituba is a complicated character in many ways,” said Kierra. “And I’m enjoying the challenge of learning to speak with an accent so I can portray her well.”

Katie Sommer (R) plays Mary Warren
Katie has been involved in shows at the BPAC in various capacities since her freshman year and has acted in five of them, with her most recent role being Jetsam in “The Little Mermaid.”  

“My dream is to pursue a career on Broadway after graduation,” said Katie. “Like Kiera, I was drawn to this play by the book we read in class last fall. I’m happy I received the the role as Mary Warren. She’s also a complex character, cowardly, two-faced, and a perpetual victim. I have to cry a lot.”
Kiera and Katie say audience members will go on an emotional rollercoaster. Be prepared to be scared, sad, and to laugh at times. They hope to see you! (whisper, whisper)
Remember the dates: April 26-28.

Here’s Event #2 to Whisper About
I want to give a nice gentle whisper to Frankenmuth Credit Union for sponsoring a “Financial Reality Fair” for our 8th graders at EFR Middle School.

I appreciate the work of FCU’s Community Development Coordinator Jacob Purman and the cadre of nearly 30 other credit union and My Member Insurance Agency staffers who volunteered to serve at this event. 
Former State Senator Ken Horn volunteered, too! (whisper, whisper.)

About 90 of our 8th graders participated in the “earning and spending” budget-planning exercise.

With a monthly revenue projection in hand (based on their personal choice of career field and its educational costs), students visited 12 “lifestyle decision” stations where they had to determine what they could afford based on their own preferred lifestyles.

Stations included transportation, housing, food, clothing, entertainment and more.

Reality hit back hard. (whisper, whisper)

Students weren’t allowed to fudge their budgets .

For example, students who wanted to be construction site managers were advised they’d need a truck, not a smaller economy car.

Students who wanted to be executives in the business world would likely need a professional wardrobe of some kind.

You get the idea.

After making their choices at the 12 stations, students went to a 13th station to see if they had accomplished the goal of spending less than they earned.

Many were surprised that this wasn’t easy. (whisper, whisper)

I liked Mr. Purman’s report that a few of our 8th graders commented that they have a better idea of what their parents go through every month.

One student even said “I now understand why mom says ‘no’ as often as she does.”

Thank you, Frankenmuth Credit Union for coordinating this impactful Financial Reality Fair.

In closing –
I want to whisper a big “thank you” to you, too!
FSD couldn’t do it without YOU! 
(whisper, whisper)

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