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Board of Education Regular Meeting, Monday, June 10th at 6:00 pm in the Media Center at E.F. Rittmueller.
The agenda will be posted on Friday, June 7th.

After taking a break from my weekly emails for the month of July – it’s time to rev up for another great school year!

The preparation leading up to our first day of classes on September 6 is ongoing and it involves practically every area of our district, including instruction, new staffing, operations, technology, and construction.

I look forward to keeping you in the loop.

Along with several Back-to-School info links provided at the bottom of this email, I want you to know FSD is not resting on its laurels.

With the support of our Board and the collective talent and experience of our district admin leadership team, a course has been set for the work ahead relative to our new strategic plan and our focus on the “science of teaching.”

This exciting endeavor will involve several opportunities for community input over the next couple of years, so keep on the lookout for more information. We want your perspective and suggestions.

“FSD is a culture deeply rooted in high achievement and steady continuous improvement.”

And when our high school principal JoLynn Clark said this at our admin team workshop on Tuesday, I couldn’t have agreed more!

I’m grateful FSD leadership is committed to exploring with our entire staff how we take our instructional strategies and practices to the NEXT LEVEL in the future to support ALL of our learners, PreK-12.

I’m also grateful we want to do this by taking an effective and proven approach that values the contributions of staff, students, parents, and community without adding to the stressful feeling of having “yet one more thing to do.”

You’ll see us roll out our work ripple by ripple.

I believe everyone has a unique pebble to drop in the pond we call Frankenmuth School District.

Whether your pebble is shaped like a heart, an Eagle, a musical note, or a soccer ball, it doesn’t matter.

We all have a unique contribution to make.

And when we step up to make our contribution – that is, to drop in our pebble – we’ll never know the true impact our contribution will make.

We just know each of us has it in us to start a series of ripples, even though we’ll never know how far they really will go.

Now think about what can happen when we make the coordinated and collaborative effort to make contributions together to the benefit of our students.

We’ll have more than just a single ripple here and there.

This is why I think the work we’ll do on our new Strategic Plan and our deep-dive into the “science of teaching” is so important.

With the right collaboration and coordination we can take our district’s teaching and learning mission to new heights in the years ahead.

And it all begins this fall!

Here are several links you might find helpful.

Back-to-School 2022-2023 

•  First Day of Classes – Tuesday, Sept. 6

•  Meet & Greet: PreK & List Elem – Aug. 31, 5:30-6:30 pm

•  Meet & Greet: EFR Middle School – Aug. 30, 5:00-6:30 pm

•  Meet & Greet: FHS – Sept. 7, 6:00-7:15 pm

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