It’s a hard-knock life.

What’s the future hold job-wise for our kids?

A few generations ago, teachers and parents pushed study hard, listen to the adults, and probably parroted something sounding like “It’s a hard knock life” from the popular musical “Annie.”

Well, the message we give to our students is much different today – and I’m so glad it is!

In keeping with our district’s commitment to career and technical education and offering multiple pathways for our students to succeed after graduation, our staff and community strive to provide both insights and experiences into the real-world of work.

A case in point is the recent Career Fair at List Elementary for grades 2-4.

PE teacher and coach Mario Guerrero did a masterful job coordinating the entire morning for our students.

Please take an entertaining 90 seconds to view the video about List’s Career Fair.

There’s a slide toward the end of the video you won’t want to miss.

It features a list of the many businesses and trades people who volunteered their time and talent to make this event an incredible success.

For about three seconds, I was surprised to see such a long list.

But then I remembered this is Frankenmuth!

Whenever there’s the opportunity, people will make the effort to step up to support our schools.

Now here are a couple of FSD-related seasonal reminders.

Our schools will be closed tomorrow, Feb. 25, and Monday, Feb. 28 for Mid-Winter Break.

Stay warm –

and I hope you can enjoy a little extra family time!

FSD’s registration for Kindergarten 2022-2023 is underway.

Please use the link below to complete the online form by next Friday, March 4.

Kindergarten Registration Form & Info

And please tell any of your friends with a future kindergartener about the March 4 date.

We’re excited to give every new Eagle a warm and friendly welcome!

It’s just the way we do things in Frankenmuth, right?

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98c Learning Loss Plan

Frankenmuth School District 98c Learning Loss Funds have and will be used for and will continue to ensure intervention implementation for our most vulnerable populations by:

The hiring of an FHS Assistant Principal to directly work w/ targeted at-risk students displaying behavioral and academic needs. The FHS Assistant Principal utilizes activities designed to assess, track, and improve the well-being of pupils (behaviorally and academically struggling) in order to supplement educational processes, as well as engage in meaningful consultation and assistance to parents and families of students who the pandemic has directly impacted.

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