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They say practice makes perfect.
Now, I don’t know if perfection can ever be achieved –
but the cast and crew in the Fmuth Players musical production of The Little Mermaid came about as close as you can get.
What a show!

Bravo to all!
The model of “practicing much” before a big performance is hard to beat.
That’s why – once again – I’ve got to shoutout the great work of our students, teachers, and coaches.
Did you know our FHS Forensics Team is currently busy preparing for their upcoming tournament on March 2nd?

FHS teacher/coach Jen Bristol has been helping our students get ready to compete in one of fourteen different forensics events.
These events are grounded in various public speaking and acting skills, ranging from sales presentation to storytelling and a little bit of everything in between. 
Depending on their event, forensics students balance their preparation time writing speeches, memorizing scripts, and rehearsing blocking (where to move and stand while performing)
In this photo, Amyah Perkins practices her oratory speech while classmates look on.

Below, Kaitlyn Tappen and Kate McAvoy rehearse their dramatic interpretation pieces.

Tanner Kroeger delivers a practice impromptu speech.

Best wishes to Coach Bristol and our FHS Forensics Team!
Break a leg on March 2!
Obviously, practice and preparation precede good outcomes.
Because the Eagle way is not to take shortcuts, we have much to be proud of in our school and community.

So, I have a request.

Knowing that it’s GREAT to be an EAGLE, can you help us by telling us why? 
As part of our district’s Continuous Improvement efforts, we are seeking your input about what makes FSD stand out in your opinion.
This survey is short and quick.
Please take a couple of minutes to tell us what you think.

In Closing –
Thank you for all you do!

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