Board of Education Regular Meeting will be help on July 15, 2024. An agenda will be posted by July 12th.

It’s heart-to-heart time.

Valentine’s Day 2022 is Monday.

You ready?

If not – here are some idea sparkers!

Ya gotta have heart, right?

Here are candy hearts from our attorney friends.

Here are some from parents.

I like these teacher candy hearts too.

Of course, I’ve saved the best for last.

Thanks to EFR Principal Kristen Hecht, we have these contributions by 10 middle school students. 

Mrs. Hecht challenged the students to come up with a heart message that tells what they like best about Frankenmuth.

In my ever so humble opinion, I think they used their young-at-heart perspectives well!

I hope you found the photos of these students as heart-warming as I did.

How can you even think about losing heart when you see their smiles?

And, as always, I’m grateful to YOU as well for consistently finding ways to keep our students and staff in your heart every school year.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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