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Lansing & Planning, & Dancing (Oh my!) 

It seems memorable phrases often contain only three words.

Of course, there’s “Lions & Tigers & Bears, Oh My!” from the Wizard of Oz.

I also enjoyed the late Hall of Fame announcer Ernie Harwell’s famous home run exclamation, “It’s looonnnggg gone!”

Remembering Ernie brings back a lot of good memories for many of us, I’m sure.

And no doubt 99.9% of all parents and grandparents routinely use these.

“I love you.”

“I am sorry.”

“Stay the course.”

Obviously, there is no end to the popular three-word phrases we all like to say.

Now, I’m not predicting the phrase I used to kick off my email today – Lansing & Planning, & Dancing (Oh my!) –

will ever be used again.

It’s one I just made up.

But it fits the three topics in this email, so that’s okay.

Let’s get started.


You’ve got to like the smiles and the learning in action here.

We had two groups of 4th graders go to the Michigan State Capitol in Lansing last week.

This group Senator Ken Horn who invited them to the House floor, where they met up with State Representative Matthew Bierlein of the 97th District, which includes Frankenmuth.


As I highlighted last week, one of the common topics I’ll share with you throughout 2023 will be the implementation of our new Strategic Plan.

At our Professional Development Day on Tuesday, January 17,facilitator and author Mario Acosta from Marzano Resources will be here to guide our continuing deep-dive into High Reliability Schools.

I’m grateful for Mario’s energy and expertise in helping us strengthen our district’s Culture of Excellence and take it to the next level.

I’m also grateful to our talented FSD staff who are so committed to doing the work necessary to bring new instructional and engagement strategies into their classrooms in ways which are aligned with our Board approved curriculum.

We’re moving forward week-by-week!


Now, don’t worry.

This particular email news item has nothing to do with me!

I won’t subject you to any 8 second video clips of me dancing.

Sure, I may try to insert my love of soccer and hockey into this email every now and then – but never would I bring up the subject of dancing on my own.

The topic of dancing actually comes from me to you via the Frankenmuth Parks & Recreation Department.

They have a couple of upcoming annual events that are way better than Dancing with the Stars.

Both events are coming up very soon, so don’t delay in clicking on the links if you’re interested.

In closing, thanks for all you do!

(I know this happens to be a five-word phrase, but FSD would not be the same without you!)

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