List Elementary

Contact Info

805 E Genesee St.
Frankenmuth, MI 48734

Main Number:
(989) 652-6187

(989) 652-6187

Main Fax:
(989) 652-7255

Eagle Express:
(989) 502-1724

Food Service:
(989) 652-1937

Guidance Phone:
(989) 502-1738

(989) 652-5017

Back to School

We’re excited to have you back! Check out our Back to School page for more info.


Please notify the office  if your child will not able to attend school at the 8:05 am start time. You may call the office at 989-652-6187 (there is a 24 hour answering machine) or email if they will be late, have an appointment or will be not attending.

Whenever your child arrives at school after 8:05 am, please have him/her check in at the office before heading to class to avoid an all day absence.

Medication Regulations

ALL medications need a completed Medication Form.  The medication form can be found in the List Office or on your Skyward under “Home” or “Calendar” and is attached under the title “School Information”

ALL medication must be brought to the List Office by an Adult. Please do not send any medications with your child or in their backpack.

ALL Prescription medication must be received in the current prescription bottle received from the pharmacy.

ALL Over the Counter Medication (allergy, headache, cough) must be received in SEALED boxes from the store.  We cannot accept open containers/bottles.

Again, medication must be brought to the List Office by an adult. Do not send any type of medication with your child.

Meet Principal Jill Waliczek

Jill Waliczek has been the principal of List Elementary for the past five years, and is excited for year six! Prior to being the principal, Jill was actually the PE teacher at List for 13 years. She’s always enjoyed working with kids, and grew up loving swimming and other sports.

Jill works hard to ensure List Elementary has a positive culture and climate. She wants students, parents, and teachers to feel welcomed, supported, and excited to be at school. Frankenmuth is a tight knit and supportive community, where everyone works together to ensure individuals can thrive, which Jill is grateful to be a part of.

To Jill, High Academic Achievement & A Place For All means working hard to make sure all kids can find their place at Frankenmuth School District. Whether it’s through athletics, performing arts, robotics and other clubs, Jill values getting to know individual students and helping them find something that fits their passions.

Outside of work, Jill loves being active and playing games with her family. She wishes she could teleport so she could travel more and get to her kid’s events faster. She’s excited to see students in the building again, working hard in the classroom, interacting in the cafeteria, and playing on the playground!

Our Administration

Jill Waliczek

Wendy Yagiela
Office Secretary

Ashton Sheppard
Main Office and
Attendance Secretary

Carrie Johnson
Eagle Express Daycare

Michelle Gatza
Preschool Director

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