Thank you for your understanding.

With all of the excitement and hard work going into getting our new school year off to the best start possible, you have every right to be disappointed with some of the re-schedulings and changes we’ve had to make.
I know you’re not happy about them – and I’m not happy about them, either.
If you missed what school schedule and operational changes we announced on Monday, here is a link to the letter I sent to our school families.
I’m grateful to be part of a broad and caring school family where so many staff, parents, and community members all pitch in to ensure Frankenmuth always “rises to the top.”
This is a special part of Frankenmuth’s character, you know.
Not every community in our state would universally respond to adversity in such a positive manner and, once again, I know I’m blessed to be here.
Frankenmuth refuses to let temporary “real life” obstacles block its progress – particularly when it comes to the education of its children – and this fact has strengthened and energized our entire FSD team and me.

Thank you for this –

And also thank you for your patience and understanding as we work through our short-term Back-to-School difficulties together.

Like you, I can hardly wait for our Eagles of every size and age to be back in our classrooms with their teachers soon.

Please don’t forget to keep checking our two Back-to-School info links.

You will now see some changes.

Checking in with these two links is important because some of the printed information you might have received just days ago may no longer be accurate.

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