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What’s your favorite rock group?
I gave a hint of mine in the email subject line.
Now whatever our personal choices, one thing is true.
Our favorite rock groups and songs connect us to many of our fondest memories.
And amazingly, our favorite groups and songs will even touch our future selves, as many will find their place in the memories we are still making.
Music is unique this way, you know.
It’s able to cast a magical spell on you and me both.

It’s in this spirit I want to give a special shoutout to the Fmuth Community Players’ upcoming musical production of School of Rock.

School of Rock is running this Friday through Sunday and the link to tickets is right here

Erin Palmer is the director and I appreciate what she said about this production.

“I cannot say enough good things about all of the people that have made this production possible. It has been a true community event.” 
Erin, Assistant Director Leon Kratz, and stage manager Jessica Calder (shown below) have put in countless hours to bring this musical to life, starting with 4 nights a week since the middle of January.

And don’t think directing and managing a stage musical like this is a smooth downhill coast.

With the cast and crew for School of Rock comprised of 65 individuals, 38 of those being actors, there was a steady fosuc on coaching, coordinating, and encouraging.
Not every acting ensemble would – or could – present this musical.
It’s not for an uncommitted and timid troupe. The music was written by  Andrew Lloyd Webber (Cats, Phantom of the Opera), all based on a book by Julian Fellowes (Downton Abbey).
But the Fmuth Community Players started building 

AND dancing –
(with Melanie Kratz choreographer)

AND perfecting lighting and sound –
( with Kaiden Reinhart / Emma Maki & Ethan Morse)

AND rehearsing –
(with vocal director Greg Austin)

And revving it all up to 11 with great energy!
(This is about rock music, remember.) 

The student and adult actors in School of Rock are multi-talented.

Cast members actually play their instruments without pantomiming. (aka not faking it!)

Orchestra Director Quin Cramer leads a very able band of musicians behind-the-scenes in the pit, anchored by three gifted students playing keyboard, guitar, and drums.

I can hardly wait for the curtain to open!

The stage is now set for School of Rock’s “Battle of the Bands.”

Want to see a bit more?
Here’s a sneak peek.

Director Erin Palmer was correct when she described School of Rock as a “true community event.”
Thank you, Erin, for reminding us of this. 
Just take a look at three posters from the Fmuth Community Players’ previous productions.

I’m sure a true community of cast, crew, boosters, and sponsors made these three productions great events, too.
Community is in our DNA here – and I’m grateful for this. 
I hope you’ll take the opportunity to enjoy School of Rock sometime this weekend in the BPAC.
In closing, I want to credit Meg O Lince Photography helping showcase many of the key players in the musical.
And of course, I want to thank YOU for all you do to add to the true community we all cherish. 

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