Perhaps you’ve seen this cartoon.

In a way, I think this cartoon represents the benefits of our Strategic Plan.
Just like the caterpillar on the right, we’re committed to growing and stretching out new wings!
A recent example of this (stretching our new wings) took place at Monday’s ribbon-cutting for our freshly renovated FHS Library & Media Center.
As you might recall, our Strategic Plan serves as our North Star in these four action areas:

  • #1  Maintain and strengthen our district’s “Culture of Excellence”  (in instruction, staffing, programs, learning opportunities, etc.)
  • #2  Maintain and strengthen FSD’s financial sustainability, today and into the future 
  • #3  Maintain and strengthen FSD’s facilities and technology (to support 21st century learning, build global competencies, and ensure we’re using our available resources wisely)
  • #4  Maintain and strengthen FSD’s supportive relationship with our community

In my email last week, five teachers wrote about our Professional Development Day and the work we are doing in every school to lift our instructional strategies to the next level and better engage students in every classroom.
Obviously, our work with Dr. Mario Acosta and Marzano Resources fits with action area #1.
Today – as I loop back to the ribbon-cutting ceremony for our FHS Library & Media Center – you’ll see the connection to action area #3.
And I should point out that renovating the FHS Library & Media Center was not a part of our new Strategic Plan.
The renovation of the FHS Library & Media Center along with many other facility-related projects actually got started as part of the visionary building bond proposal approved by our community two years prior to updating and creating our new Strategic Plan.
I’d be remiss to not point this out – and say once again to all involved back then – THANK YOU for making this happen!
Because with the passage of the bond proposal THEN – and the construction completed – we have NOW been able to expand the uses of our district’s instructional and activity spaces as guided by our Strategic Plan.
It’s exciting!
For sure, the traditional ribbon-cutting ceremony for our FHS Media Center helped us call attention to the kind of learning taking place now within its walls. 

(L-R) Robin Roberts, FHS Teacher; David Jaworski, FHS Vice Principal; Darcy Nickless-Berry, FHS Librarian; Allison Reinert, FHS Student Council President; JoLynn Clark, FHS Principal; Jennifer Bristol, FHS Teacher, and me.

Darcy Nickless-Berry, our FHS librarian, couldn’t be more pleased.

“Our new library and media center is a true testament to the ever-changing times.  With so many students now taking online courses and computerized testing, our media center offers a comfortable meeting space with all the modern amenities. The excitement of the students who have already utilized it in various ways has been incredible to see.”

Hope you like what you see!
I’m looking forward to reporting to you about one of our other Strategic Plan action areas next week.
‘Til then –
Thanks for all you do –
Both back THEN… and NOW.

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