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One Day Early – Valentines Edition

I hope you’re enjoying a super Valentine’s Day.
Because I’ve got a few more hearts to spotlight for you, I’ve pushed my Thursday emailing schedule up by a day.
Hope you don’t mind.
My first heart goes out to YOU and everyone else who has a good sense of humor.
I don’t think I’ve emphasized this enough.
Patience, honest effort, grace, good cheer, and the willingness to laugh with each other are very much a part of our Eagle way.
Now, this is kind of silly – but I saw this eagle-related post online – and thought you might get a chuckle from it.
First of all, I never knew an eagle’s nest could be this big.
It’s hard to believe it could actually hold a park service ranger!

As you can imagine, this photo sparked a lot of funny commentary.
•  Isn’t this just a super tiny man in a regular nest?
•  That’s an $800,000 condo where I live.
•  Uh, oh. The ranger didn’t take off his shoes.
•  At what age will the guy be able to leave the nest?
•  Looks like he’s lacking feathers. He won’t leave soon.
•  What species of ranger is this?
You get the idea.
Someday when I’m really feeling brave, I’ll take this photo and ask our staff and FHS students to “Caption this!”
(Stay tuned.)
My next five hearts go to five individuals who support  our instructional mission practically every day.
Beyond their friendliness, good humor, and flexibility, these five “regular” substitute teachers help keep things rolling along in our schools at a high level.
Their combined professionalism and teaching experience are assets to our district, and this is why I want to give them a heartfelt on Valentine’s Day.
Our principals can’t sing their praises enough for how these folks are always ready to step up and stand in to care for our students and support learning.

Mary Zeller recently moved here from Tucson, Arizona. She taught 3rd grade for 13 years and is National Board Certified. We’re elated Mary has a heart for FSD and is a frequent substitute teacher for us. 

Orlene Kitzman was a teacher in Texas who came to FSD as an enthusiastic substitute teacher in 2020. Our harsh Michigan weather has not given her second thoughts about coming to Fmuth. She considers FSD a wonderful extension of her family.

Andrea Jenniches is someone you may have already enjoyed meeting. She has been a substitute teacher in our schools off and on since 1988. She’s much in demand by several departments and veteran FSD staff. Why is Andrea still subbing? “The kids here are amazing!”

Marcia Gainer brings a wealth of teaching experience to FSD. After graduating from U. of M. in 1982, she taught biology at U. of M. and also at Grosse Pointe Elementary. She even started a school in 2011 (River School) and loves sharing her love of Art with others. You can see why Marcia’s range of interests makes her such a valuable sub.

Sue Bierlein taught kindergarten in Saginaw City for many years and now she keeps her passion for teaching alive and well by  subbing at List Elementary and St. Lorenz. She has a depth of classroom experience she happily blends with new ways and methods. “The kids keep me on my toes and this keeps me feeling younger than I am,” she says. 

Thank you for allowing me to shoutout these five super-hero substitutes today.
If you bump into any of them, give them one of your good-humored notes of appreciation.
Again, Happy Valentine’s Day!

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