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Pushing back in the deep freeze.


It’s cold!

But just because you and I may get cold noses when we step outside – it doesn’t mean we can’t have warm hearts!

So, if you need a little warming up today, here are 8 wonderful FSD staff members who ready to share with you “what warms their hearts”.


Madalyn  McKenzie, Special Education Teacher

As a fairly new staff member at FSD, a student asked me recently if they could help me decorate my room. Of course, I said “yes!” We then turned this into an official class project for the student, and together, we imagined different ideas and visions for my room.

It felt nice knowing the student was having fun with the project and giving their best effort. Now, my room is a little more decorated and it warmed my heart to know that several of my students wanted to be a part of making our classroom comfortable to be in.

Marla Hoffman, Literacy Para-Professional

A moment that always warmed my heart was when I used to help take the special needs and at-risk students on field trips to the horse farm with a few of their peers.

The smiles on all of their faces were priceless. The students truly connected with the horses and their classmates had a blast!

Hannah Sassone, Kindergarten Teacher

It’s impossible not to have a warm heart when you work with a wonderful team. I love the people here at List Elementary.

We give each other support, grace, laughs, and good times – and this carries into our work with our students. I’m so beyond thankful!

Jason Vislosky, Principal at List Elementary

My heart warms up anytime I think of my wife and two little girls at Disney World.

I know every family builds special memories in their own way. This is so important.

I’m grateful everyone in our family all love Disney World and have created many great memories there!

Glenda Berg, Secretary at EFR Middle School

What always warms my heart may surprise you.

It’s a place that stands 10,000 feet above sea level!

My favorite place in the world is Lake Haiyaha in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Penny Malicoat, Superintendent’s Secretary

This past July I had the opportunity to spend a week camping at Crater Lake, Oregon, with my husband, Bruce, our three sons, our daughter in laws and our two grandsons. We were celebrating Gabriel’s graduation and Bruce’s retirement.

Whenever I think back on the beautiful scenery, the weather, and the great moments all ten of us spent together fishing, kayaking, and hiking – it always warms my heart.

Michelle Gatza, Early Childhood Director

It always makes me happy to run into my “old” preschoolers at the store or at a game.

They are taller than me and the first thing they ask me is “Do you remember me?”

My answer is “How could I ever forget you!”

Here I am with Jake Vander Haar, who is now a sophomore!

Ask any teacher, principal, or school staff member.

Your heart always warms up when you bump into one of your former students and have a nice chat!

Penny Wanless, Special Education Para-Professional

An experience that still warms my heart today occurred in class two years ago.

Lucas was a non-verbal Cerebral Palsy third-grader and we worked together so he could hold his pencil and write his name for the first time.

As you can imagine, this required a fair amount of determination and patience from both of us – but Lucas was not going to give up.

This heart-warming moment may seem small and away from the  spotlight, but it was a huge moment for Lucas – and for me!

So, there you have it, my friend.

Eight ways to warm your heart even on the coldest of days!

Thanks for all you do to support our district.

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