Every day – both in and out of our classrooms – we strive to fulfill the high calling of our motto “FSD – where effort opens opportunity.” 

In our schools we embrace our motto as a special privilege, not an obligation, as this mindset encourages everyone, from students to parents, from staff to community members, to consistently share, learn, and grow their talents and skills with others.

It’s true.

Everyone benefits when each one of us finds a way to care about and serve the people we’re with, regardless of the time and place.

Now as much as I love our FSD motto, I don’t believe it would be the bright beacon it is today if it were not for our nation’s veterans.

Without the past and ongoing sacrifices and commitment of the men and women in our armed services, we wouldn’t have the freedoms to pursue the dreams and opportunities we cherish today.

The EFFORT of our veterans is what secured the OPPORTUNITIES we enjoy today, and I’m grateful.

So I’m glad our students and staff will be remembering the service of our veterans at 8:30 am in our annual assembly in the Bronner’s Performing Arts Center on Veterans Day, Monday, Nov. 11.

Our community’s observance of Veterans Day is Monday as well, at 11 am.  This will be held at the Veterans Monument and Memorial Wall, at the southwest corner of South Main and West Tuscola streets.

Please make the time to attend the community’s observance, or at least take a few moments and join me in remembering our veterans in our hearts and prayers.

After all, it was their effort that now gives us the opportunity to do this.

And here in FSD, we will always remember this fact.

At 11am, Legion, VFW and other area veterans are invited for the formal Veterans Day Ceremony, held at the Veterans Monument and Memorial Wall, at the southwest corner of South Main and West Tuscola streets. The public is also invited to attend as List School students also participate in this ceremony.

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98c Learning Loss Plan

Frankenmuth School District 98c Learning Loss Funds have and will be used for and will continue to ensure intervention implementation for our most vulnerable populations by:

The hiring of an FHS Assistant Principal to directly work w/ targeted at-risk students displaying behavioral and academic needs. The FHS Assistant Principal utilizes activities designed to assess, track, and improve the well-being of pupils (behaviorally and academically struggling) in order to supplement educational processes, as well as engage in meaningful consultation and assistance to parents and families of students who the pandemic has directly impacted.

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