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Santa’s still trending up!

Santa’s still front and center.
I’m glad enjoy the extra busy-ness and off-the-chart excitement happening in our schools this time of year.
With Christmas 11 days away, you can’t escape it.
Good cheer, colorful decorations, seasonal music, and joyful smiles abound.
All good in my way of thinking!

  • EFR Middle School Band Christmas Concert:
    • Thursday, Dec. 14 at 6:30 pm
  • FHS Christmas Concert:
    • Sunday, Dec. 17 at 3 pm
  • K-1 Grade Singalongs:
    • Monday, Dec. 18 at 2 pm

Santa’s Workshop at List was a hit!
Santa’s Workshop is a labor of love for many of List Elementary’s parents and grandparents.
While many elementary schools host a small shop for students to buy trinket-like gifts for their families at Christmas, the annual Santa’s Workshop at List takes “helping Santa” to another level.

Because parents, grandparents, and other community members purchase workshop-worthy presents at reduced prices and in bulk quantities throughout the year, Santa’s Workshop at List gives students the opportunity to browse from variety of higher quality presents which they can purchase for their loved ones at a very low cost.
It’s an amazing event to see in action.

There are plenty of adults on hand to help with shopping advice, wrapping, and cleaning up.
Plus, the profits of Santa’s Workshop support the school store at List all year long.
Just the way Santa would want it!
Santa’s a pretty good motivator too!

Along with Santa, I want to say how much I appreciated the 141 respondents who took the time to take our district’s “Mental Health & School Safety Survey.”
The results are here for you to see.

By the way, Santa has informed me that if you did not take the survey, there’s still time for you to move from Naughty to Nice on his list by looking through its results.
It’s a good thing Santa’s got a sense of humor.
And some of us have more in common with him than we realize!

Whichever stage you’re in – thank you for supporting our Eagles and staff.
I know YOU somehow, some way encouraged the good cheer, colorful decorations, seasonal music, and the joyful smiles in our schools.
Santa would be proud!

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