Lunch Menu- May 2022

Breakfast $1.60 / Lunch $2.85

Every lunch includes choice of entrée, two different side dishes: fruit, vegetable, and milk.

6/01: Cook Out – Cheeseburger or Bratwurst on Bun
6/02: Chicken Fajitas
6/03: Pizza

6/06: Cooks Choice
6/07: Nachos w/ Meat & Cheese

Hot sandwiches served daily:

Chicken Patty on Bun
Spicy Chicken Patty

All sides and items may be purchased a la carte

Daily Eagle “Grab & Go” Specials

Grilled Chicken Wrap: chips, fresh vegetable, fresh fruit, & milk
Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich: chips, fresh vegetable, fresh fruit, & milk
Fruit Parfait: yogurt, fruit, & granola
Turkey & Cheese Croissant: chips, fresh vegetable, fresh fruit, & milk

Daily Deli Specials

Chef Salad: Lettuce, turkey, ham, cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers, dressing, with rolls
Grilled Chicken Salad: Lettuce, chicken, cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers, dressing, with rolls
Turkey & Cheese Croissant: Turkey, lettuce, cheddar cheese
Grilled Chicken Wrap: Chicken, lettuce, cheddar cheese
3 Meat Sub Sandwich: Turkey, Ham, Salami, lettuce, tomato, & American Cheese
Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich: Peanut butter, jelly, on whole grain bread

All Salads and Sandwiches are offered with fresh fruit, vegetables, and milk.


98c Learning Loss Plan

Frankenmuth School District 98c Learning Loss Funds have and will be used for and will continue to ensure intervention implementation for our most vulnerable populations by:

The hiring of an FHS Assistant Principal to directly work w/ targeted at-risk students displaying behavioral and academic needs. The FHS Assistant Principal utilizes activities designed to assess, track, and improve the well-being of pupils (behaviorally and academically struggling) in order to supplement educational processes, as well as engage in meaningful consultation and assistance to parents and families of students who the pandemic has directly impacted.

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