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You’ve heard this proverbial question, I’m sure.
“Which came first – the chicken or the egg?”
Since I don’t the answer, I’m going to dodge it and ask you a similar question (only school related).
 “Which came first – the old one-room schoolhouse, the dedicated cover-every-skill teacher, or the first group of young learners?”

Now, to be honest, I don’t the answer to this question, either.
BUT WHAT I DO KNOW IS THIS – our school year is off to a great start!
Thanks to you, the support of our community, and the skills and talents of our amazing staff, we’re continuing to deliver high-quality instruction in safe and high-quality environments for the benefit of the best young people around – our students!
Because of our community’s ongoing commitment to our Sinking Fund, we’ve been able to modify our facilities and classrooms in ways that allow us to respond to the full range of our students’ learning needs.
These six photos are only a partial reveal of how we’ve been transforming spaces to better support learning.

A renovated classroom for our Eagle Express preK students
Shades have been installed on the List Elementary Playground
A renovated Special Education classroom
The renovated tech lab & flex space at EFR Middle School
Two newly renovated sensory space classrooms, one at List and one at EFR
Two newly renovated sensory space classrooms, one at List and one at EFR

The renovated sensory rooms are important components to our district’s infrastructure.
The variety of equipment provided within them allows our staff to work with students with special needs specifically on their personalized sensory input.
This helps students calm and focus themselves so they can be better prepared for learning and interacting with others.

Madalyn McKenzie, Special Education Teacher at List, is already seeing the value or sensory classrooms provide.

“As we are nearing the end of our first full month of the school year, it’s clear that having a functional, purposeful, and safe sensory room has been a wonderful addition to many students’ school day schedules. With high expectations for what this space can offer, the List staff has worked together to help our students with sensory needs re-enter classrooms better prepared to learn alongside their peers.”

Once again, thank YOU for helping make FSD’s excellent blend of high-quality instruction, safe and supportive school infrastructure, and effectively meeting the needs of ALL students a reality.
And once again – I hope to see you at Homecoming next week.

Our Hall of Fame Luncheon is Friday, October 6.
email Toni Henry, FSD Community Education Director, about purchasing tickets.
[ email: ]
– The Homecoming parade begins at 6 pm.
– Kick-off for the Varsity Football Game vs. Freeland is at 7 pm.

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