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The old Three R’s plus one.

“Reading, ‘Riting, & ‘Rithmetic.”
They say someone coined this phrase back the 19th century.

No doubt one of the reasons for the enduring popularity of this phrase is because it’s just three words long.
Yes, I know.
Three can be a crowd.
But in most cases, any “combination of things” always becomes more memorable when listed or positioned as a group of three.
We see this all around us.
Interior designers, wordsmiths, and athletes alike (strikeouts, hat tricks, field goals, and triple-doubles) all use trios in their respective day-to-day activities.
So, IMHO –
this is why I believe “Reading, ‘Riting, & ‘Rithmetic” is still well-known today.
It has a rhythm we can connect with.
Unfortunately, as popular as this phrase may still be, I feel it’s time to add a 4th word to it.
This phrase needs to be updated.
The word we should add is –

That’s right –


Because more and more, this is exactly what our staff, our parents, and our community are being called up to do –
help our students get ready.

Helping our students get ready must be our focus, whether it involves helping them:

  • anxiously step into a PreK classroom or Kindergarten for the first time,
  • anxiously step up into new learning opportunities in middle and high school for the first time,
  • or anxiously step out into the real-world of career or college as  a proud member of the FHS Class of 2023.

With my proposed 4th R (Readiness) in mind, please take a quick look at this summary on our high school testing I just received yesterday from JoLynn Clark, FHS Principal.

I’m proud to share this you – as it exemplifies the continued professionalism of our instructional staff and the amazing commitment and talents of our students.

From Principal Clark 4/19:

  • Our FHS freshmen and sophomores have completed their state-required testing of PSAT9 and PSAT10, respectively.
  • Our juniors take the Michigan Merit Exam, which is made up of the SAT+Essay, the ACT WorkKeys, and the MStep (Science and Social Studies). 
  • Even with illnesses and other absences, FHS had 98% attendance for assessment days, so there is a small  handful of juniors finishing their testing this week and next. 
  • In the first two weeks of May, 120 FHS students in grades 10-12 will be taking 204 Advanced Placement Exams in 15 subject areas andthese assessments allow the students the opportunity to earn college credit. 
  • We know our students are well prepared for their assessments, so we are eager to see all their superb results when provided to schools later this spring and in the early summer.

Impressed by this?

I sure hope so!

Because I am!

And I’m grateful for how your support for all of our Eagles help make results like these happen.

(Now as you’re out and about in the week ahead – please  don’t forget to help me promote adding Readiness to those traditional 3 R’s. FSD is a leader in this, you know.)

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