Board of Education Regular Meeting will be help on July 15, 2024. An agenda will be posted by July 12th.

The people have spoken

This fact might surprise you.

It sure did me!

But what follows is my most-opened and most-shared email in the last 2 years.

So, when someone asked me to repeat it – how could I say no?

Of course, it has to do with Valentine’s Day.

I never would’ve guessed those little candy hearts are so popular with so many of us.

Now, do you remember these images from February 2022?

I hope a candy heart or two brought a smile to your day.

Next week, I’ll have several new heart-felt gems to spotlight.

And several of them may even look familiar to you.

It’ll be fun.

Til’ then –

Thanks for having a big heart for our Eagles!

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