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Board of Education Regular Meeting, Monday, June 10th at 6:00 pm in the Media Center at E.F. Rittmueller.
The agenda will be posted on Friday, June 7th.

Our three proposals passed by 3 to 1 margins


On behalf of the Board of Education and everyone in the FSD family, I want to express my appreciation for your support at the ballot box on August 6th.

All three of our proposals won by big margins.

 •  The approval of our 17-year building bond will allow us to plan and begin upgrading and improving every facility in our district.

•   The approval of our 2 mill 5-year “sinking fund” renewal request will allow us to continue addressing our major repair and maintenance needs.

•   The approval and renewal of our 18 mill non-homestead levy will provide us with the annual operating revenue which fuels the delivery of FSD’s quality instruction and programs.

Like you, I am grateful the approval of our three proposals DOES NOT CHANGE the tax rate levied on our homes (our primary residences).

But heads up.
Something WILL CHANGE right away.

Please take a look at the photo we featured during the last few weeks of our informational campaign.

Perhaps it looks familiar.

Election Campain picture of 3 graduates with the phrase "3 proposals 1 purpose" at the top

I believe the six words shown here captured the essence of our campaign perfectly.

This definitely was an effective photo.

But now the focus of the photo needs to change.

And this excites me!

No longer do we have to focus on our three proposals.

No longer do we have to focus on reminding people to get out and vote on August 6.


Now our focus can totally be on our ONE PURPOSE.

Thanks to you and our community, we’ve been given the resources, the expectations, and the encouragement to now focus on our district’s ONE PURPOSE – educating our children!

And this is just the way it should be – 
as our teachers, 
support staff, 
students, and community partners
are all preparing for the start of a wonderful new school year!

As I write this message to you, I know FSD will continue to be a premier school district “where effort opens opportunity.” 

I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of it.

And remember, classes begin in our schools on Tuesday, September 3.
I hope to see you!
(Yikes! Reminding you about the first day of school makes it look like I’m still campaigning! Well, I guess I am!) 

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