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Board of Education Regular Meeting, Monday, June 10th at 6:00 pm in the Media Center at E.F. Rittmueller.
The agenda will be posted on Friday, June 7th.

Theme of the Day – TEAM

No doubt you’ve seen this saying before.

How true!

Unfortunately, there’s no “U” in team, either.

But I sure wish there was!

Because that’s the topic I want to write about today –


And if you’re interested in working for FSD, I’d like to invite you to join our team.

We have an awesome team in FSD all-across-the-board and at every level.

This is the message I’m proud to share about our district at college career fairs and in other settings. (Here at SVSU.)

Now, as great as I think our team is –

this doesn’t mean we aren’t always on the lookout for good people –

people like YOU perhaps!

If you’d like to check out what positions we currently have open, here’s the link to use.

Maybe now is not the ideal time for you to apply for a job, and we have you covered in this case, too.

If you’d simply just like to receive alerts about future job opportunities and keep the conversation going – we have an easy form to make this happen as well.

Either way, we’d like to hear from you.

Feel free to pass along both links to a family member or friend, too

And don’t worry!

Most of FSD’s teams have nothing to do with work!

Most are all about providing support and making good things happen day by day.

Here’s a recent example from this week’s JV boys’ basketball game.

It was during this game that team manager Matthew Mosner was inserted into the 4th quarter to get some greatly enjoyed playing time. Beyond Matthew’s joy and encouragement of the regular roster team members, an enthusiastic team on the sidelines joined together to cheer on Matthew too.

What a tremendous showing for Matthew!

And I especially appreciated that seven of our FSD paraprofessionals stayed after hours to give this wonderful lad an extra boost.

This is the kind of Eagle spirit we have here on our FSD teams –

And if you’re not already involved with us in some capacity, I hope you’ll think about checking things out.

Yes, there is no “U” in team.

In fact, there’s not even a “U” in Eagle!

But don’t let these minor facts stop YOU.

We’d love to hear from you.

YOU’RE always needed and we appreciate what you do!

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