There’s Always A Grinch.

Yes. Virginia. There is a Grinch.

Despite our best plans and intentions during the holiday season, there is always something that’ll pop up and cause us to frown.
But I learned a lesson recently from our preschoolers.
Despite the Grinch swooping in from offstage during our PreK holiday music performance, our preschoolers didn’t miss a beat or let the Grinch steal their enthusiastic joy.

No doubt you noticed our preschoolers welcomed the Grinch to their party with open arms!
Amazingly, this is actually a pretty good strategy for dealing with life’s occasional interruptions and pitfalls, don’t you think?
And there’s a good lesson here for us, of course.
When you embrace and include your holiday Grinch – whatever or whoever it may be – you’ll never know the positive difference you might make.

Not all surprise Grinches are bad, you know.

Here’s one emailed to me from a staff member that caused me to chuckle!

Merry Christmas!

Oh well, I guess I can’t deny the obvious similarity.

It’s a good thing Ralphie is so handsome!

Are you looking for some last-minute gift suggestions?

I really like the ones journalist Oren Arnold suggested to his readers more than a half-century ago:

• To your enemy – give forgiveness.
• To your opponent – give tolerance.
• To a customer – give service.
• To your friends – give your heart.
• To every child – give a good example.
• To yourself – give respect.
• To all – give charity.

So with this, my friends, I wish you a heartfelt Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

As these photos taken by List Elem. secretary Wendy Yagiela affirm, we’re blessed to celebrate the holiday season in Frankenmuth!

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