Board of Education Regular Meeting will be help on July 15, 2024. An agenda will be posted by July 12th.

There’s a “Big 3” I’d like to highlight today.

• Passion
• Purpose
• Partners

In the right mix, these three can be positively life-changing.

Let me make my case.

And of course, I’m going to connect it to our Strategic Plan – specifically Goal Area 4.

Goal Area 4

Engaged Community Stakeholders

  • stronger partnerships that grow and benefit students and community partners alike
  • strategies for elevating student voice and well-being
  • consistently showcase district strengths to community and beyond

We have many organizations, clubs, teams, and ensembles which are anchored in strong partnerships, enhance student learning, and showcase our district’s strengths both inside and outside of our community.

Our Eagles – thanks to the support of a cadre of teachers, coaches, parents, and volunteers – give us reason to be proud of their talents and skills in a variety of venues.

Now, don’t worry.

I won’t attempt to list them all here!

Instead I’ll just shoutout a recent example.

It’s pretty cool.

It involves DECA, a national organization committed to helping high school and college students prepare for future business and entrepreneurship opportunities in the fields of marketing, hospitality, retail, and management.

More than a quarter of a million students, teachers, and mentors are active in DECA nationwide.

Because of FHS teacher Ryan Ford (business, accounting, & AP computer science), we have a DECA chapter in our high school.

The DECA State Conference was held in Detroit this past weekend.

Our FHS chapter sent 36 students.

And before you think the 2023 DECA State Conference was just a gathering of 4000 teenagers from every corner in Michigan – know this.

At every DECA conference, individual students and teams compete and are judged in several competitive categories, including creating business plans, pitch decks, elevator speeches, and real-world business problem-solving.

It’s an intense weekend to say the least.

But despite the stress of competition, our FHS students once again impressed people from outside of Frankemuth quite favorably.

Melody Compton and Hannah Grimshaw (L-R) even advanced to the Internationals in Orlando!

It wasn’t easy to sit down with business savvy judges and be critiqued.

But Nate McAvoy and our other DECA competitors stepped up to the plate and took advantage of every learning moment.

“Most importantly,” said Mr. Ford, “Our students had the chance to expand horizons, start contact networks, engage the ways professionals do, and build their business mindsets.”

I appreciate the modeling and insights Mr. Ford brings to the students in his classes and in our high school’s DECA club.

For sure, running a business has its own set of unique challenges.

I’m grateful we have so many staff and community members partnering together to help our students grow.

It remains a winning formula.

Passion + Purpose + Partners = POSSIBILITIES

Thanks for what you do, too!

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