Three gifts making a big difference.

Some say success is found in the margins.
And they may be right –
as it’s been my experience that many of the best accomplishments are made possible by a variety of caring individuals stepping up to go the extra mile and give of themselves.
In FSD, we’re blessed to have no shortage of folks just like this.
And I want to extend my appreciation to a few of them today.
First of all, I want to thank every student, parent, and staff member who took the time to take our recent perception survey on school safety.
Our Strategic Plan and our commitment to continuous improvement are strengthened by open and honest feedback and I’m grateful for “the gift” this feedback will provide.
As you know, sometimes feedback can be difficult to accept.
But constructive feedback is a big part of the growth process for both individuals and organizations alike.
I think this visual illustrates the point well.
Feedback is indeed a gift.

I’m also grateful our Strategic Plan work involves additional surveys in the future, too!
With special gifts to FSD on my mind today, I have two more to share with you – as this year’s two Hall of Fame honorees have exemplified “going the extra mile and giving of themselves.
So, I enthusiastically invite to go to our district website’s Hall of Fame link and read more about their dedication to country, community, and FSD.

Col. Tonya L. Sebold is our 2022 FHS Hall of Fame Alumnus of the Year
Jim Petteys is our 2022 FSD Hall of Fame Champion of Children

Don’t miss their Hall of Fame write-ups.

You’ll enjoy them, I’m sure.

And mark Friday, October 7, on your calendar.

Tonya and Jim will be participants in our Homecoming Parade which will take place about an hour before the varsity football game.

In closing, I want to thank YOU for all you do for our students and staff as well.

Every gift of time, talent, and support – whatever the size – makes a big difference!

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