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Traditions are part of who we are

How important are our traditions?

The late historian Arthur Schlesinger observed that while science and technology may revolutionize our lives, it’s actually our memories and traditions that shape it.

I agree.

This is why I’m so glad four members of our Eagles school family are willing to share one of their favorite holiday traditions with us today.

Hopefully, they’ll inspire and remind you – as they did me – to not let our own family traditions and memories get pushed to the side by our hectic schedules and daily pressures.

From Kevin Schwedler – FSD Athletic Director

On the Sunday right after Thanksgiving, the Schwedler family always visits the Rooftop Landing Reindeer Farm in Clare. Our kids get to see Santa and his real reindeer!

We are able to feed the deer and then enjoy a fun wagon ride through the woods and see all of the colorful decorations.  This tradition always gets our holiday season off to a great start.

Christine Fry – Guidance Counselor at EFR

Every other year we plan a Thanksgiving trip with our family to the Detroit Lions game.

Before the game we tailgate and spend time with our extended family and friends.

We watch the parade and then do our best to cheer on our favorite team. We even rent a house in the area so we can enjoy extra quality time together as a family – and eat delicious food, too!

Madalyn McKenzie – FHS grad, MS/HS Special Education teacher

My favorite holiday to celebrate is Thanksgiving!

I have always valued constant thankfulness and gratitude because I live such a beautiful and blessed life, so I never run out of things to be thankful for…

BUT there is just something special about all 35 of my Galsterer family relatives packing into my Grandparents average sized (yet seems so small) living room to talk about all that we are thankful for.

My Grandma makes the best holiday feast and somehow she manages to have leftovers even after we have gone up for seconds or thirds! 

As long as I am with my family, any holiday is the best.

Here is all of us on our annual weeklong trip to Drummond Island.

Wendy Yagiela – Secretary, List Elementary

On the day after Thanksgiving, for the past 17 years, we celebrate the beginning of Christmas with a Christmas movie, two giant chocolate chip cookies, and hot cocoa. Even though my children are now 20, 19, and 16, this holiday tradition is still going strong!

Susan Maki – English Language Arts & Reading Teacher, EFR

My husband’s grandma used to make every family in her family a container of buckeyes as a Christmas gift each year. This was the most coveted gift you could get!  

When she passed away, we decided to continue her tradition and get as many of us together as possible and continue to make buckeyes to share.  

Our highest amount was just over 1000 buckeyes made in one afternoon.  It is always a fun time to get together to share stories about Grandma and the goofy things that used to happen growing up.  COVID has kind of thrown us off, but last year we made buckeyes in individual families and shared pictures, still connecting us together.

Sarah Kapral – Biology teacher & Ecology Club Co-Advisor, FHS

My favorite holiday tradition is going Christmas Tree hunting every year. We go to a tree farm, get to see Santa, take a tractor ride out to the fields, and select the perfect tree.

This was a tradition I did with my family when I was younger and I love being able to share the tradition with my own family now.

We also incorporated our own mini-tradition that I love since we’ve had children.

My husband, Dustin, throws the kids up in to the air and I snap a picture of them flying through the air. Jack was only 6 months old when this started and each boy has done it every year since. Thank goodness for Dustin’s super strength because the boys are getting pretty big now (2, 4, and 6)!

We’re also blessed to have so many musical and holiday display traditions in our midst.

I hope you’re carving out time to enjoy them, too!

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