Board of Education Regular Meeting will be help on July 15, 2024. An agenda will be posted by July 12th.

So, here’s a reminder about the Superintendent Leadership Survey.
It was created by a professional firm for our school board and the deadline for completing it is tomorrow, Jan. 26.
If you haven’t completed the survey yet, I hope you will. It provides a good way to share your feedback with 100% confidentiality.
As you might have read last week, results will play a role in my professional growth and goal-setting. 

The PASSWORD to access the survey is: Hegenauer2024

Thanks for your consideration.

And don’t forget.

The upcoming musical production of “The Little Mermaid” is February 15-18.

The incredibly talented 70-member cast and crew of this super-enjoyable Disney stage show are seemingly working around the clock to get ready for the opening curtain.

Now, after those two reminders, here’s the recap!
I realize this recap of our PD Day on January 16 is not as exciting as a recap of last Sunday’s Detroit Lions -Tampa Bay Bucs victory.
BUT… I couldn’t be more proud of our professional staff and everyone’s enthusiasm for tapping into the most successful and proven instructional strategies to benefit our students.

Because every student is unique and deserves the best support we can offer, Dr. Mario Acosta (Marzano Resources) reviewed the tools and frameworks throughout the PD which will help us keep moving forward from great to exceptional.

When our professional staff is given time outside of their teaching schedule to collaborate together on curriculum, instructional strategies, assessment, technology, and standard-based benchmarks – seeds are planted for continued high quality learning opportunities for the students we serve.

In closing –

Thanks for all YOU do for our district.

I know you’re always there for us when you can be.

No reminders necessary!

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