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Welcome to the 2019-2020 School Year!

Isn’t this an exciting time?

Only the annual “Back to School” season seems to bring us a special mix of nervousness, great anticipation, and the mad rushing around to get school supplies, pick up schedules and bus stop times, and attend various school events. I’m not sure anyone really has those “lazy hazy crazy days of summer” that Nat King Cole famously sang about, but if you did – I’m here to tell you, they’re now officially over!

Our teachers, principals, coaches, and all of our support staff have been working hard to make sure this school year gets off to a great start for you and your family. We’re committed to raising the FSD “Where Effort Opens Opportunity” banner high once again. As you prepare your children for a great Back-to-School experience and help them reach out to new and old school friends, you might enjoy reflecting back on one of your own Back-to-School memories.

What was one of your favorite Back-to-School memories? And as you think about it, does it carry forward any special meaning or significance for you today? I bet it does!

In growing up as farm kid in the Vassar area, I attended the Tuscola grades 1-3 small school.

I enjoyed those four years of learning and growing friendships… and in fact, I still stay in touch with several of my old Tuscola School friends. I remember us as tight-knit 3rd graders who graduated out of Tuscola School and we were extremely anxious as we looked ahead to our first day of school as 4th graders at the “huge” Vassar 4th-12th grade campus.

We were all nervous timid wrecks as we speculated about what awaited us on Day One at our new school. But whatever first day morning jitters I had in my tummy while waiting to be picked up at my bus stop, they all went away thanks to Mr. Killian, our bus driver.

He didn’t just drive a bus. Mr. Killian was a welcoming, smiling, and sincere ambassador for the school. Because of him, that “big place” suddenly seemed smaller and more caring. Mr. Killian made sure everyone who rode his bus was recognized and appreciated.

In 2019 he’d be described as a game-changer. Mr. Killian’s genuine warmth made us all feel safe and eager to try to make “the effort” to do our best at our new school.

So, this leads into a Back-to-School challenge for you (and for me!) whether you’re a parent, grandparent, community member, or staff member : What did Mr. Killian do to make the special Back-to-School time even better?

I think Mr. Killian gives us a great model to follow. And I’m going to try and do my best!

I wish you a wonderful beginning to our new school year.

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