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What do winners always do?

Winners – in every walk of life – always learn from their experiences.

It’s true.

Whether they win or lose, winners inevitably will take away more from their classroom, stage, and competitive experiences than what they originally started out with.

Winners also celebrate and recognize their growth.

I love how our Lady Eagle golfers spotlighted last month’s district tournament success.

Picture of signs in front of the high school

Winners somehow keep discovering ways to “wrap things up” with meaning and significance before moving on to new challenges.

After our district champion varsity football team closed out its fine season with a tough loss in the regional play-off game, the seniors rallied together in a memorable way.

Shoes hanging from the goal post

Whether our seniors came up with this idea on the long bus ride home after their final game, I don’t know.

But it was only a matter of hours before all of their shoes were hanging from one of our stadium’s goalposts.

Close up of shoes on the goal post

The well-worn and muddy shoes of the team’s seniors weren’t just sitting idly by like crows on a telephone line, either.
Every senior had penned a personal motto on a shoe to sum up their season.

Close up of the words on the shoes that are on the goal post

Here’s a sampling of what they wrote:

• Earned, not given
• Brothers for Life
• Forever an Eagle
• Continue the Dream

See what I mean?

Winners always find a way to learn.

And it’s what all of us in the FSD school family strive to do everyday.

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