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With school-related graduations and all of the other important “step ups” for students taking place right about now, you and I are probably extending our best wishes and saying “good luck!” frequently.
Is saying “good luck” to a someone just a phrase we offer in haste and quickly move on?
Or do the words “good luck” actually stand for something significant?
I believe in FSD – and in our community – they do.
Parents, school staff, and other caring adults sacrifice and work hard to make sure the odds of “good luck” are improved for our children by anchoring it in preparation and opportunity.

I’m grateful to you for helping make this happen.
And I look forward to focusing on our high school’s amazing Class of 2023 next week.
Several key dates for our grads are just days away.

  • Sunday, May 21 – Baccalaureate at 3 pm at Blessed Trinity Catholic Church (optional, not school affiliated)
  • Sunday, May 21 – Honors Night at 6 pm in the BPAC
  • Monday, May 22 – Class of 2023 cookout lunch outside and class photo in the bleachers, weather permitting
  • Tuesday May 23 – Seniors last day (tailgate breakfast for seniors and staff before school & “sharpie day” for signing each other’s shirts for class keepsakes
  • Commencement is Thursday, June 1, at 8 pm on the FHS Football Field (weather permitting) with lock-in Senior Party in the EFR cafeteria later from midnight to 5:30 am

This week I want to continue highlighting another essential “step up” in the lives of our students, particularly for our current 4th graders.
I thank List Elementary Principal Jason Vislosky and our 4th grade teachers for pulling together these photos and comments about the exciting transition ahead as our 4th graders move to 5th grade this fall at EFR Middle School. 

Angie Zimmerman – 4th Grade Teacher

“I hope our fourth graders think back about List and remember all of the people who cared about them as people and learners. The fourth graders know I wish them the love of reading. I also wish they will remember to be kind to others AND to be kind to themselves. And oh, did I mention books.

Katie Kay – 4th Grade Teacher

“I could not have asked for a better group of kids to loop with when I accepted this position last year. My wish for them is to stay true to themselves and not let middle school drama interfere with their goals and character. I hope they continue to trust in their ability to choose kindness, have courage, and let tough days set with the sun. We’ve got this!”

Amanda Livingston – 4th Grade Teacher
“Because changing to a new school can be scary and confusing, my wish is that all students entering 5th grade will find teachers and other staff members who love and appreciate them as much as they were loved here at List Elementary.”

Jan Zimba – 4th Grade Teacher

“I hope every student continues to grow as a learner,  by being curious, asking questions, and always striving for perfect effort.”

Olivia Berry – soon to be 5th grader

“I feel ready to go. I feel like all my questions have been  answered. I feel really good about it. I am looking forward to a new experience. I am excited for the new things and stuff like that.”

Grayson Kaiser – soon to be 5th grader

“I am excited and ready because some of my siblings went to EFR, so I think they can give me some pointers. You can do different clubs like archery and student council. Also, my 4th grade teacher is going to be one of my 5th grade teachers.”

Lumenn Hill – soon to be 5th grader

“I’m excited because EFR is a new school for me to explore and make more friends. Who knows what might happen? I will also get to meet new teachers who will teach me new things.”

Elyse Stockmeyer – soon to be 5th grader

“I am excited to go to fifth grade because I get to try something new like lockers. I get to see my brother and we have school dances.”

Don’t you just love reading the hopeful anticipation and enthusiasm expressed here?

I need to tell you they represent the vast majority of our students and staff.

They embrace and prepare for change, eager to discover the many new opportunities that are ahead for them.

Thank you for all you do to make “good luck” ring true in FSD and have tangible meaning in our schools.

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