What’s the foundation for effective learning?

Yes, this is a trick question.

I won’t deny it.

But you may be surprised by the answer to the question posed in today’s subject line.

“What’s the foundation for effective learning?”

Of course, there are many possible answers (all good ones!); talented teachers, solid curriculum, high standards, supportive technology, extra-curriculars, caring office and support staff, and so on.

But, the research shows the foundation for effective learning is having an “inclusive and safe environment where students feel supported, respected, and encouraged to develop to their fullest academic and mental potential, in a system that is equitable for all.”

This is why I’m proud the statement above serves as one of our benchmark objectives in Goal Area 1 of our Strategic Plan.

Without feeling safe …

Without feeling welcomed…

Without having an inner sense of belonging…

Without the belief that their school setting is equitable and fair…

A student will not be able to effectively learn, grow, and succeed.

It’s that simple, really.

And I’m grateful we have a wonderful team in our district of educators, students, parents, and community members who are committed to moving this – and every component – of our Strategic Plan forward.

I’m also grateful for the support you give to our Eagles, too.

Now, if you’re wondering what encouraging a strong sense of belonging looks like –

Check out this 28 second video.

I smile every time I see this clip of Mr. Hines, the 2022 Georgia PreK teacher of the year, greet his kids.
His students are indeed fortunate – just like ours!

And, of course, I know Valentine’s Day is 5 days away.
I’m totally ready for the big day.
And I’ve got a couple of final visuals for you to prove it.
I’m sure this one is the favorite of Phil Martin and our other coaches.

I also saw this shirt online.

I’m sure many of us can relate to this.
You too?
At any rate, add having a sense of humor to the list of characteristics found in quality schools.
Can’t overlook this key ingredient!
Thanks for joining me in enjoying and appreciating the fine work of our students and staff.

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